Trend Alert: Holographic Hair

In the past few years, there has been a number of amazing hair trends —ombre, rainbow hair, unicorn hair (I’m still not sure what that is), and icy blues and white. But, it is time to forget about all them, as there is a new hair color trend, and it beats all of the others hands down. Get ready to be wowed by holographic hair…yes you read that right, holographic hair. In recent months this stunning trend has been all over the likes of Pinterest and Instagram.

The Angelic Holographic Look


It’s like the hair you would see in a futuristic fairy tale that requires the expert mixing of a number of pastel hair shades. The result is translucent and iridescent looking, shimmering hair that is so dreamy, and so perfect for summer. Can you imagine rocking some holographic hair at a festival?

Holographic hair came to notice, largely thanks to the efforts of US-based ‘Ross Michael’s Salon’, who shared pictures of his holographic creations on social media, and it ballooned in popularity from there. Since, this look is so intricate and requires the hair to be lightened first, it is definitely advised to go to a professional to achieve this look. Besides, going to the salon gives you a few wonderful hours of being pampered, all whilst getting the hair of your dreams. 


Look After Your Ethereal Hair

Such a complicated dye job is not going to be all that cheap, so you are going to want to make sure you look after your holographic locks, so you can get the best out of them for as long as possible. Invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner, which are specially designed for extensively colored hair that will keep moisture in your hair. Low shampoos are a great choice for holographic hair, as they are gentle, as well as nourishing.

Shine is really important to the iridescent effect of holographic hair, so always use a heat protector spray or serum when styling. Furthermore, use a high shine finishing spray, to give your locks that extra magical touch.

If you love the holographic hair trend, but don’t want to commit to permanent hair dye, why not try some clip in holographic hair extensions, or even a wig. That way you can have those shimmering locks, anytime you like.


Holographic Hair Isn’t the Only Emerging Color Trend…

2017 has definitely been a year for fantastic hair trends, with some wild and wonderful styles still on the horizon. If holographic hair is not the color trend for you, why not try rainbow roots, glow in the dark locks, or even leopard print hair. For this year, the bolder you go, the better. So, what new color will you be trying?

Get in touch with your local Ogle School Salon and see if one of our talented cosmetology students can give you a dreamy new look.

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