5 Natural Hair Brands You Should Know

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5 Natural Hair Brands You Should Know

In the natural hair community, there are always new hair brands popping up! In a society where silky straight hair is glorified, it’s heart-warming to see brands that cater to kinks and coils. By now, you may be aware of the mainstream brands that everyone rants and raves about on YouTube, but there are definitely a few “lesser”-known, black-owned brands that are at the top of my list.

Camille Rose Naturals

This brand has captured my heart for more than a month now! If you have tight coils like me, you’ll definitely want to try this line. Founded by dedicated vegan and “mompreneur” Janell Stephens in 2010, the pure natural ingredients will leave your hair fully moisturized and defined for several days with proper care. Every product, from the Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse to the Almond Jai Twisting Butter, work amazingly together.

Find Camille Rose Naturals at Target, Whole Foods or Bed Bath & Beyond.



While CURLS is definitely a more popular name in the natural hair community, the Blueberry Bliss line is incredibly pleasing. Plus, natural hair girls love a soft scent that isn’t overbearing for their curls. Founded by the inspiring Mahisha Dellinger in 2002, CURLS has definitely been in the game the longest compared to the rest of this list. Most CURLS products play on a delicious and edible scent, but this one really takes the cake! Blueberry Bliss smells like pure blueberries. I was never really a huge CURLS fan until I tried the Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste, and then I fell in love! The Reparative Leave-In Conditioner is a fan favorite.

Find CURLS products nationwide at Target, Sally Beauty Supply, CVS, Walmart and other retailers.


Naturally Smitten

I never would have found Naturally Smitten if it weren’t for Instagram! What I absolutely adore about this brand, founded by Tasha Branham in 2008, is that it markets specifically to Type 4 hair. I always tell other naturals to not get caught up in hair type, but this is super important coming from a blogger with a mix of Type 4 hair. I gravitate towards butters, puddings and custards because that’s what I’ve found works best for my hair type, and those are exactly what Naturally Smitten offers!

Find Naturally Smitten at select Walmart stores or at Textures Natural Haircare.


OBIA Naturals

Dallas-based natural hair brand OBIA Naturals is quickly growing and well-loved within the natural hair community. Founded by chemist Obia Ewah in 2012, the vegan brand has exploded with success! The line is fully vegan and perfect for hair growth. The brand prides itself in product education; every ingredient has a purpose and contributes to the fabulous results you achieve when using the products. Shampoos are never my favorite, but the Coconut Shea and Neem & Tea Tree shampoo bars leave your hair moisturized without leaving residue. The Babassu Deep Conditioner is a best-seller, and rightfully so!

Find OBIA Naturals online, at several retailers internationally and from Target.


True by Made Beautiful

Natural hair can be pretty expensive to take care of, but affordable options do exist! The Made Beautiful brand is minority-owned and currently consists of three collections: True, Pure and Inspire. The first time I smelled True, it felt as though I’d gone on a mini vacation to the Caribbean! Ingredients in this line include shea, honey, coconut and mango. These ingredients work to pump your curls with the nutrients they need to look and be healthy. The Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner is a must-have (and my personal favorite) to add to your routine!

Find True by Made Beautiful online and at Sally Beauty Supply.


Which brands will you try on your naturally curly clients? Take these brands and this post on styling curly hair to create the perfect look!

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