Vidal Sassoon Beauty Education Scholarships!

Sassoon Scholarships will pay 50% of your tuition!

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If you are a current beauty school student or someone who is planning to enroll, be sure to check out the Vidal Sassoon Professional Beauty Education Scholarship Program.

Proctor & Gamble has established a $1.5 million fund for scholarships to help future stylists pay for their education.

Twice a year, ten winners will receive a scholarship for 50% of their cosmetology school tuition!
Already licensed cosmetologists can apply for ten $5,000 scholarships for training at the world-renowned Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, CA.

Learn more and apply today!

Application periods for 2013:
Spring/Summer: January 28 – March 13, 2013
Fall/Winter: August 15 – October 18, 2013

*The scholarship listed above is administered by a third party. We cannot guarantee results for any applicant.

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