What You Can Learn at an Esthetician Program

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What You Can Learn at an Esthetician Program

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There are a variety of careers in the beauty industry, and one of the most valuable trades is as a skincare professional, also known as an esthetician. To become an esthetician you must attend an accredited esthetician program and gain a license from your state. 

What Exactly Is an Esthetician?

Estheticians specialize in skin treatments that improve the appearance of the skin. Most people see an esthetician for skin beautification and pesky skin problems, like dull skin, discoloration, fine lines, enlarged pores, acne, and virtually any sort of skin issue patients may be experiencing.

An esthetician will administer a skin analysis on an initial visit and consult each client based on their skin types and needs. Women or men with dry skin, oily skin, acne, or hyperpigmentation might require routine visits with their esthetician or will be required to take prescriptions to treat the skin effectively. An esthetician will provide standard treatments, such as facials, and even more invasive treatments, like skin peels. A rewarding career as an esthetician means that you will provide a wide range of skin care services to people of any age. 

What Services Do Estheticians Provide?

An esthetician can help you transform dry skin into more glowy, youthful-looking skin with facials and treatments. They can educate you on healthy skincare routines and share their product knowledge on which ingredients to look for to use or avoid on sensitive skin or oily skin.

Some services estheticians may offer include:

    • Skin analysis

    • Hair removal

    • Skin treatments

    • Body treatments

    • Skincare technologies

    • Facial massages

    • Facial treatments

    • Pore cleansing

    • Exfoliation

    • Skin peels

Cosmetology and Esthetics: What Is the Difference?

Many certified cosmetology schools incorporate an esthetician program and cosmetology program into their curriculum. An exceptional esthetician program will foster students’ aptitudes and help them develop a comprehensive understanding of the various common and uncommon skin conditions they will encounter in their profession.

For beauty enthusiasts who have a passion for skincare, attending an esthetics program will provide you with a quality education where you’ll get hands-on training beyond basic skincare.

So, what’s the difference between cosmetology and esthetics? If you haven’t already guessed, esthetics is the focus of skincare, while cosmetology focuses on hair styling, color theory, nails, skin, and makeup. Though you’ll dive into topics on skin care in a cosmetology program it will likely be a smaller part of the program, so if skin care is your passion, then an estethics license may be the right choice for you.

Students will learn various skills and adequately diagnose and treat different skin types. Licensed estheticians often provide and prescribe skincare products formulated to target specific skin problems. After conducting an analysis, a skin care professional can riddle out the culprits or adequately treat the skin, helping to reveal a healthier glow.

What students can expect to learn in an esthetician program:

    • Extensive skincare services

    • Facial treatments

    • Body wraps and hair removal

    • Communication skills

    • Business skills

    • Technical skills

    • Skin conditions

    • Makeup application

    • Makeup techniques

Some students who study with an esthetician program aim to gain a deeper understanding of skincare and product formulations and then look for careers as makeup artists.

Esthetician School Requirements

There are a variety of career path options in the beauty industry. All skincare specialists in the esthetics field must take a licensing exam and practical exam before working in a salon, spa, or office. Prior to that, students must complete 750 hours in a certified esthetics program.

Ogle School instructors will ensure students meet their education requirements and help them prepare for the esthetics board exam prior to graduating. The esthetics curriculum allows students to have hands-on experience to prepare students for their future careers in the esthetics field.

How To Find and Choose an Esthetician School

Often, people learn about reputable schools through word of mouth, so if you know a stylist or skincare specialist whose work you admire and who attended a school in the area, ask them about the program they studied.

Campus location and proximity can play a major role in where you decide to go to beauty school. Look for programs at a cosmetology school that specializes in a career in esthetics. Cosmetology students might opt to seek both a cosmetology and esthetics license if they seek a well-rounded education and want to put their knowledge to use as salon owners.

Request information from the school to truly know if the program will be compatible with your needs. 

How Much Does Esthetician School Cost in Texas

The median cost to attend cosmetology or esthetics school in Texas is between $12,000 to $18,000. At Ogle School, we try to make education accessible for all aspiring students through scholarships, financial aid, and student loans. 

Upon graduation, career opportunities will open up for students allowing them the chance to earn a steady, reliable, and potentially lucrative career. 

How Long Does It Take To Complete the Program

For qualified students, attending a full-time esthetics program can typically be completed in approximately five months, while students attending part-time can complete the program in 10 months.

Ogle School wants to support students in their pursuit to learn a wide variety of healthy skin care techniques while allowing them flexibility in their schedule to complete their work.

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When you pursue a career in virtually any trade, the opportunities are limitless. Here are some potential careers an esthetician can work in: 

    • Spa Esthetician

    • Spa Manager or Owner

    • Eyelash and Brow Specialist

    • Hair Removal Specialist

    • Esthetics School/Program Instructor

    • Makeup Artist

Ogle School Locations

Ogle School has nine different campuses. To speak with an administrative representative, call 888-820-4224 for more information on your preferred location. 

Ogle School locations in Texas are:

    • Arlington

    • Dallas

    • North Dallas

    • Denton

    • Fort Worth

    • South Houston (Stafford)

    • North Houston (Willowbrok)

    • Hurst

    • San Antonio

What type of valuable experience will students gain from an esthetics program?

Students can expect to learn from seasoned professionals, get hands-on training, understand the anatomy of the skin and basic chemistry that informs beauty product formulations. Students will also feel confident in customer relations upon graduation.

Can you make a lucrative career in esthetics?

Ogle School equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic world of esthetics. Graduates are well-positioned to pursue a variety of career paths, including spa management, ownership, and product procurement. What’s more, these professionals enjoy a high degree of flexibility in their work schedules, with the ability to work as much or as little as they desire to meet their personal and professional goals.

The beauty industry is known for offering many opportunities for career growth and development, and esthetics is no exception. With a wide range of job roles available, professionals can find a niche that aligns with their interests and goals, whether it’s managing a high-end spa, owning their own business, or working as a product buyer for a major cosmetics company.

One of the most attractive aspects of a career in esthetics is the flexibility it affords. Professionals can choose to work full-time or part-time, and many choose to work as independent contractors, giving them complete control over their schedules. This allows them to balance work and personal life, pursue additional education or training, or even take time off when needed.

Overall, a career in esthetics offers not only the potential for financial success but also the flexibility to create a work-life balance that suits the individual’s needs and goals. At Ogle School, we’re committed to helping students build the skills and confidence needed to succeed in this exciting and rewarding field.

Who is eligible to attend Ogle School?

Anyone with a high school diploma or GED can apply to attend Ogle School. You must also be fluent in English to apply.

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