Winter Wedding Hairstyles

The winter wedding season is upon us, and whether or not you ladies will admit it out loud, you’re going to that wedding to be noticed. If you’re the bride, a bridesmaid, or just a guest, you want to look your best, especially for those moments when the wedding photographer sneaks up on you. You’ve been practicing your “caught unawares” poses in the mirror for months. Well, with any of these winter wedding hairstyles, you will be ready for your close up.


Natural Waves

For the low maintenance brides and guests, natural wavy hair is a simple but beautiful option. Plus, it’s so easy to achieve without an expensive stylist and 1,000 bobby pins. The night before the wedding, apply a styling mousse to washed hair and rough dry without a brush. This will create body, as well as help the style hold throughout the wedding day.

On the morning of the wedding (exciting!), comb hair through and section before applying fat rollers. Spritz the rollers with a curling spray and heat all the rollers evenly with a hairdryer. Allow the rollered hair to cool completely while you’re applying your makeup to ensure that the curls set. Then simply wind out the rollers, separate the curls, and spritz with a finishing spray with shine. Complete the look with a floral crown or headpiece — beautiful and ethereal.


The Braided Updo

In recent years, the braid has been making a comeback in bridal and wedding hairstyles, maybe because of the likes of Game of Thrones (no-one mention the Red Wedding), or maybe because they’re effortlessly chic. Braids are really versatile. They can be worn loose to the side, twisted into buns, or pinned up into elaborate updos.

On the morning of the big day, apply a smoothing serum to towel dry hair and blow dry with a wide, flat brush. To each braid strand, add some shine spray or cream. Smooth through to stop hair escaping and to keep the hairstyle glossy. Twist or secure braids into your desired style and pin into place with invisible hair grips. Leave a few loose tendrils of hair to frame the face, and finish with a spray of firm hold hairspray and a jewelled headband.


The Tousled Style

Wedding hair is not as formal as it used to be. It is perfectly acceptable to go for a hairstyle that is a little rough around the edges. The good thing about a tousled hairstyle is that if a few hairs escape, no one will notice; it will just add to the casual elegance. As with the natural waves winter wedding hairstyle, the night before, comb a styling mousse through towel dry hair and rough dry.

In the morning, generously spritz the hair with a texturising spray or a sea salt spray and dry with hairdryer with the diffuser attachment to add body, texture, and waves. Pull back loosely from the face, leaving a few loose strands, and pin into place. For a lovely winter wedding touch, slip a flower or two into the hairstyle — blooming lovely.


What About Hair Accessories?

If you want to stand out at a wedding, then bold hair accessories are the way to go. However, if you are not the bride, be ready for the wrath of the woman in white for the upstaging. It should be said that it should only be the bride who wears a tiara — a guest wearing a tiara is sure to attract some strange looks.

However, guests are not banned from wearing hair accessories. In fact, they are perfect for those guests who aren’t suited for hats. Think feathered fascinators, jewelled combs, ornate hairpins and barrettes, and simple floral headbands.

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