5 Reasons It May Be Worth Springing for Salon Products

5 Reasons It May Be Worth Springing for Salon Products

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When looking at salon products on the shelf, you’ve probably wondered whether they really live up to the hype. After all, with some salon products easily being five or six times the price of cheaper drugstore products, it may seem like an unnecessary luxury.

The truth is that a number of reasons explain why you should choose salon products over less expensive items. Before making a purchase, consider these five things.

1. Salon Products Often Go Further

It’s a common practice to buy a larger quantity of something to get a discount. For example, if the 30-ounce bottle is only $6 when the 20-ounce bottle is $5, you’re getting a much better deal with the larger bottle.

Essentially, a salon product gives you the larger bottle without taking up more space. Salon products are highly concentrated, so you only have to use a small amount of the product to see the same results.

You may pay less per ounce for a bottle of the drugstore product, but the ounces in the drugstore shampoo won’t go nearly as far as those in the salon bottle.

2. Salon Products Use Better Formulas

Drugstore products typically feature inferior ingredients, as compared to salon products. For these larger stores, especially chain stores that pump out millions of units each year, it’s much more about quantity than quality, which surely isn’t good for your hair.

Quite simply, salon products cost more because the ingredients they’re made from are of a higher quality. Salon products have also undergone a steady stream of tests during production to ensure they’ll do their job for customers.

Sure, the drugstore product may be cheaper, but cheaper is rarely better, especially when it comes to your hair.

3. Certain Salon Products Can Target Specific Hair Concerns Better

The formulas created for salon products are heavily researched and created to target specific hair concerns. When you pick up a salon product for your hair issues, you know it’ll actually work.
This is especially important if you have a significant hair concern. If your dandruff is almost uncontrollable, or your hair is so brittle that it breaks, you can’t use a drugstore product and expect much in the way of results. You need the special formulas that are available in salon products.

4. Salons Get Products Directly from Distributors

One of the biggest reasons that drugstore products are such a gamble is that it’s hard to know what’s in them. Drugstore products usually come from a third party rather than directly from the distributor, which means you may not even be getting the product that’s on the label. This is especially the case with store-branded items. Many store brand items are those that the company has merely purchased from a manufacturer in an agreement to put the store’s name on it. To put it mildly: it’s a mystery product.

Salons, on the other hand, do business directly with high-quality distributors. When you buy a product from a salon, you know it’s going to be well crafted, and you know it’s going to work. Salons value their reputation and only place items on the shelf that are the best of the best.

5. Professional Stylists Actually Use Those Products

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When you get your hair done at the salon, your stylist is going to use and recommend particular products for your hair needs. That’s an inherent value in visiting a salon: you get to trial products that you can use in your home routine, knowing that they’re specially formulated for your needs.

A stylist is an expert in the field, qualified to set you on the right path to superior hair health. Salon products are indeed more expensive, but the overall “service value” you get with your product makes it well worth it.

What Salon Products Should I Buy?

No salon product is perfect for everyone.

Additionally, you don’t need to rely exclusively upon salon products. For most people, a cabinet full of salon products just isn’t in the budget, and that’s fine. However, what you do want to do is prioritize certain types of salon products, especially if you have serious hair health issues.

If you want to make sure you’re getting the right salon products, get the opinion of a professional stylist. You can book an appointment at an Ogle School Houston salon to make sure you’re using the best products for your hair. Whether you’re a salon regular or it’s your first time going, you’ll appreciate the experience and knowledge.

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