5 Reasons It May Be Worth It to Spring for Salon Products

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5 Reasons It May Be Worth It to Spring for Salon Products

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It’s common to wonder whether salon products are really worth their elevated price tag. Some salon products can be 5-6 times the price of a cheaper drugstore product, so is it really a good idea to go for it, or is it an unnecessary luxury?

Salon products are often a much better choice than drugstore products. Before you decide which product is right for you, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Salon Products Often Go Further

One of the biggest differences between salon products and drugstore products is that salon products are often much more highly concentrated. Buying a larger quantity of an item to get a discount is a well-known marketing tool, and with salon products, you’re getting the amount of product in a larger bottle without taking up more space.

Although you may pay less per ounce for a bottle of drugstore product, it’s common for that drugstore product to be full of water, making it less effective. Because you only have to use a tiny amount of the salon product, it can go much further than the drugstore product.

2. Salon Products Use Better Formulas

Drugstore products are all about quantity, sometimes at a detriment to quality. Many chain stores have to pump out millions of units per year, and that means they’re looking for ways to make sure their formulations are as easy to replicate as possible, which might leave your hair quality behind.

However, salon products often use ingredients of higher quality, as well as testing processes that ensure they’re safe and effective for customers. Drugstore products may be cheaper, but when it comes to products that you put on your skin and hair, would you rather have something cheaper or better?

3. Certain Salon Products Can Target Specific Hair Concerns Better

If you have any specific hair issues, it’s important that you pick up a salon product because you can be more certain it’ll actually work. When you pick up a salon product for specific hair issues, you can know that it’s researched to target those concerns.

If you have any severe hair concerns, picking up a salon product is even more important. While someone with very light dandruff might be able to use a drugstore solution, for example, someone with almost uncontrollable dandruff should just opt for a salon product.

4. Salons Get Products Directly from Distributors

Drugstore products can be worrying because you might not know what’s in them. This is especially true when it comes to store-branded products. Store-brand items are often products that a company purchases from a manufacturer and then puts its own label on. That means it’s more likely that there could be some issues knowing exactly what’s in the product itself.

However, salons do business directly with distributors. That means you can be certain that the product was purchased directly from the manufacturer, which means the ingredients on the label are more likely the ingredients you’re putting in your hair.

5. Professional Stylists Actually Use Those Products

A professional stylist will use and recommend the products that your hair needs. If your hair is super brittle, they can recommend products to help with that specific issue. This is one of the reasons that it’s so helpful to go to a salon. You can try out products that you may then take home with you to use in your at-home routine.

Stylists are experts in their field, and they can assess your hairstyling needs and recommend products that will help you boost your hair health overall. Although salon products are more expensive, the personalized touch of a salon experience makes it better for you.

What Salon Products Should I Buy?

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There’s no such thing as the perfect salon product for everyone. Instead, you should talk to a stylist to make sure you’re getting the right products for your specific hair needs. They can point you toward the best products, and even help you determine which products in your medicine cabinet should be salon products and which can be drugstore products. If you want some advice on product choices, book an appointment at an Ogle School Houston salon to get started.

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