5 Things Every Beauty School Applicant Should Know

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5 Things Every Beauty School Applicant Should Know

If you are obsessed with the world of hair and beauty, Beauty School is definitely an option that you should be considering. You can swap watching beauty tutorials on YouTube, for hands on learning of numerous techniques; and you can swap pestering your friends to be your hair guinea pigs, to working on real clients. Beauty School is a place where you can turn all that creativity into a rewarding and exciting career. But, there are some things every beauty school applicant needs to know before applying.

It Isn’t For Everyone

You might be of the impression that Beauty School is going to be easy, especially when compared to more traditional forms of higher education, like college and university. This is not the case, Beauty School is just as challenging as other educational institutions, and your course will require lots of hard work, dedication and passion. You will not only have a heavy learning schedule, but to improve your career prospects after beauty school, you will also need to work outside of school hours on your portfolio.


Although you will have some traditional lecture sessions, the majority of your learning will be hands on. You will be working and training within the school’s salon, dealing with real equipment and treating genuine clients. This can be a little daunting, especially that first time with a client, but you will have instructors with you every step of the way, ensuring that you thrive under the pressure. With plenty of drive to succeed, you will soon love every moment in the salon, and the experience you gain will be invaluable for your future career.

Some Education Required

Even though Beauty School does not have the same admissions process as traditional universities and colleges, there are some educational requirement. Applicants require high school diploma or GED to be admitted into beauty school, and often you will have to attach proof of such to your application. So dig out those certificates before you start the application process. If you don’t have a high school diploma, enrol on a GED program as soon as possible, so you can start your cosmetology journey. A local community college or night school, should be able to help you.

Research Your Beauty School

You wouldn’t attend a traditional university without some research, so why do the same with a Beauty School. You really should learn all you can about your chosen school before attending, but also about other institutions. Always compare the likes of graduation rate, length of program, schedules, student to teacher ratio, the cost and financial aid programs, and percentage of students gaining employment. You can really never have enough information on a Beauty School, every little nugget, will further cement your decision, so you can be confident you have made the right choice. At Ogle School, we are happy to answer any questions any potential applicant may have, so please do get in touch.

You are also welcome to come visit our campus so you can get a good feel for Ogle School. Someone will be glad to show you around, so you can decide if our beauty school is a good fit for you. We will also take you through our courses so you can have a better idea of what course to apply for, depending on the area you would like to specialize in. You may just find a passion for an area of cosmetology, you hadn’t even considered.

There is Financial Help

Yes there is a significant financial cost to Beauty School, but this is not necessarily a barrier to beauty school applicants. Many would be cosmetologists assume that they won’t be able to afford to study at beauty school, but as with any college, there is financial aid available. Don’t give up before you start. Check to see if you are eligible for any student loans, grants or scholarships, there is sure to be some form of help available if you need it.


Your Journey is Just Beginning

Beauty School is just the start of your journey towards being a successful cosmetologist. Beauty School is essential if you want to work in the beauty and cosmetology industry. It is the only way you can learn the necessary skills and techniques to get your cosmetology license, which is mandatory for employment as a cosmetologist. When it comes to gaining an education in beauty therapy there is no cutting corners, it does take a lot of hard work.

Once you graduate from an accredited school, this doesn’t mean you can start working straight away as a cosmetologist, Before you go on to employment, you will need to take a licensing exam to get your cosmetology license. The harder you work at school, the easier this exam will be for you, so you have to be prepared to put the effort in, if you are applying to Beauty School. Even once you gain your license, there is still some work to do. You have to be ready to start at the bottom, to gain valuable experience, so you can work your way up. The journey to reach your ultimate goal will be long, but it will definitely be an adventure.

It may seem like a daunting experience, but Beauty School is so fun and so rewarding, you will never regret your decision. From the moment you pop your fresh cosmetologists uniform on for the first time, for that first time in the school salon, you will feel firmly on your way to your dream career. Reach out to Ogle School for any further questions before you start enrolling for your future.

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