Beauty Career Profile: Cosmetology Instructor

If you are an experienced cosmetologist who feels the desire to inspire the future of the business, then being a Cosmetology Instructor could be your calling. While studying the basics of teaching with hands-on and theory skills to students, you’ll still be able to express your creativity. Cosmetology instructors teach beauty school students the basics, by leading the class through required coursework that prepares them for a job in the field.


Job Outlook

After completing your necessary teacher training, job placement can vary. The best thing is to keep good connections with the school where you did your training, since they may be able to offer you an entry level job. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists that job demand for postsecondary vocational education is expected to increase by 12% between now and 2022. Although this doesn’t mention cosmetology teachers specifically, the salon industry is stable, with jobs expected to grow by 14% over the next decade. And of course, you can always consider joining the Ogle Team!

Make it Happen


To be a cosmetology teacher, you must be a licensed cosmetologist from an accredited school with some work experience under your belt. With the Ogle School’s Student Instructor Program, you’ll be able to communicate to learners effectively, build lasting student-teacher relationships, and combine theory and technical skills to instruct students on performing required applications. Upon graduation, you’ll be prepared for an entry-level position as a Cosmetology Instructor. You can complete this program in 3.5 months full-time or 7 months part-time.


As a cosmetology instructor, it is your responsibility to ensure that students grasp, the state curriculum requirements, the importance of safe practices and other topics, so have professional experience is key to being a successful teacher. You may also have to complete continuing education hours to renew and maintain your license, so you are able to teach the latest techniques. There is always room to grow as a Cosmetology instructor.


Skill & Attributes

Communication Skills

You must be able to effectively deliver lessons and theories to your students, giving clear directions and instructions. Since they are learning the basics from you, it’s important that you are communicating properly. You should also be able to be patient with your students as they are learning new skills that you have mastered long ago.

Anatomy Knowledge

Cosmetology instructors must be able to explain the aspects of physiology and anatomy of the body as they relate to cosmetology.


Being well-organized will help maintain structure in your classroom. You’ll need to keep track of multiple lesson plans, performance records, and attendance sheets. You may also have multiple classes, students with different skill strengths and experience. Being organized is key for all these pieces to fit together.


As previously mentioned, having experience in the field is necessary to being a cosmetology teacher. It gives you credibility with your students so that they know they are getting the best possible advice and teachings.


From designing lesson plans to creating real-life examples, it’s important to present the material in a creative way. Cosmetology is a field for creative people, so teachers should express themselves in the same way.


Trends & Tips

Being a cosmetology teacher means guiding students through their time at beauty school. Students will learn way beyond hair and makeup techniques, and pick up valuable life skills and learn other traits that carry over to any field. Check out these 5 things beauty school can teach you, whether you’re a teacher or a student:  

  1. Patience: You’ll learn how to take your time when learning new techniques or dealing with “difficult” people.
  2. Professionalism: You’ll learn from working and observing in a real salon with real clients.
  3. Dedication: You will be spending so much time practicing and study for tests, you’ll live and sleep beauty.
  4. Creativity: As your confidence grows, you’ll be inspired to try cutting edge looks and techniques.
  5. Never Stop Learning: The beauty world is ever evolving, so you need to continue to evolve with it.

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