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Like many other beauty obsessives, you might just be considering enrolling in beauty school. If you don’t know anyone that has previously been to beauty school, you can have many questions about the experience, the learning process, and your options afterwards. If you spend too long worrying about questions you don’t have the answer too, you might talk yourself out of enrolling. That would be such a shame, so we have got answers to some of the most common questions about beauty school.


Do I need any qualifications before attending beauty school?
The education level required to attend beauty school varies between states. Some may not require a high school diploma or GED (General Educational Development), instead issuing students a test before they are admitted. However, it is safe to assume that most cosmetology schools will require their enrolling students have a high school diploma or equivalent. Get in touch with your schools of choice to see if they have any entry requirements.

Am I too old for beauty school?
Absolutely not! You are never too old to start your journey into the world of cosmetology. If it is your dream and passion to make other people feel beautiful, then get enrolled in beauty school. Whilst most beauty schools require that their students be at least 16, there is no age limit. Many cosmetology students don’t enrol right after high school for many reasons, instead embracing their passion later in life, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Can I study full or part time?
Yes you absolutely can. Many cosmetology schools offer their programs both on a full time and part time basis. They know that many students may be working in other jobs, or have family commitments, and are unable to study full time. So they offer part time and night time courses that earn the same qualifications, just taking longer to complete.


How will I learn the skills?
Beauty school is a very hands on experience. There will be some lecture-based learning, where an instructor will demonstrate techniques and teach you the science and theory. The rest of your learning will be within a real salon environment, working on real clients and implementing what you have learned. This form of learning is a great way to build confidence in students, whilst getting them ready for their future workplace. You will build relationships with clients that are likely to last well beyond your graduation.

Do you undergo exams or tests?
Usually, class attendance and participation are mandatory. Students are also required to undergo a number of assignments and tests, with practical learning being assessed with hands on assigned work. For certain programs salon experience is also assessed through the student’s work with a client.

After your completion of beauty school, you will need to obtain your cosmetology or esthetician license. The process of which varies from state to state, but usually you will have to pass a written examination. You may also have to have a certain number of hours as an apprentice, and/or perform a certain style or technique in front of licensed practitioners. Research your own state requirements if you need more information.


What are my potential career options after beauty school?
There are more potential careers with a cosmetology or esthetics license than you may think. Becoming a beauty therapist or a hair stylist is just the tip of the iceberg. Other career options include: salon or spa owner, hair removal specialist, magazine writer, beauty educator, manicurist, fashion show or movie stylist, clinical esthetician, and skin care specialist.

What is the best thing about beauty school?
There are so many great things about beauty school. You will learn so much about the world of hair and beauty and be able to put these new skills into a new dream career. But, you will also meet a great bunch of people, both fellow students and instructors, that will become lifelong friends. And you will start on a journey to that career that you have been dreaming about.

So, if you are now more intrigued than ever about beauty school, why not get in touch with us here at Ogle School, and find out more about your enrolment options.

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