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Can Student Salons Offer Skin Care Treatments?

student salons and skin care
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With a variety of skin care treatments, you may choose to go to a salon instead of trying them at home. Although you can definitely do certain types of skin care at home, this isn’t necessarily true for all types of skin care, and some of it will work best if you go to a salon. A student salon could be a great place for you to go for the skin care fix you’re looking for. Here’s everything you need to know about using a student salon for your skin care treatments.

1. What Is a Student Salon?

A student salon is a great way to access beauty treatments in general at a much more affordable rate than many other salons. To offer lower-price beauty treatments, student salons use students in cosmetology programs.

A licensed teacher oversees the salon treatments these students provide, which means you get high-quality beauty treatments and the students get hands-on practice. It’s a great answer to the problem of students needing experience to graduate but being unable to practice cosmetology on their own until they have a license.

2. Could a Student Salon Offer Skin Care Treatments?

On top of traditional cosmetology treatments like cutting and coloring hair, some student salons offer skin care treatments. Many cosmetology schools have esthetics programs, and esthetics students learn about a variety of skin care treatments.

Any cosmetology school that has an esthetics program may decide to offer skin care treatments on top of the other cosmetology options. There are a variety of skin care treatments student salons may offer. Additionally, skin care treatments may vary depending on the individual salon, so call ahead if you have any questions.

3. Is It Safe to Get a Skin Care Treatment From a Student Salon?

Some people avoid treatments from student salons because they’re worried about the safety of those treatments. Although it’s common for people to worry about the ability of students to perform complicated treatments, the fact is that you don’t really have to worry about the safety of this option.

Because licensed cosmetologists and estheticians pay close attention to the students as they do their work, you never have to worry about something going wrong. These are students who know what they’re doing and just don’t have a lot of hands-on experience.

4. Will a Skin Care Treatment at a Student Salon Be High-Quality?

There’s a common misconception that just because a student salon utilizes students, their treatments will inherently be lower quality than the skin care treatments at a salon that utilizes non-students. As a matter of fact, you can get the same quality of treatment at either type of salon.

There are benefits to different types of salons; a student salon has its various benefits and drawbacks. However, there’s no reason to worry that a skin care treatment at a student salon will be of lower quality than one from a different salon.

5. How Can I Find a Student Salon Near Me for a Skin Care Treatment?

Finding the right student salon can sometimes be difficult. It’s all about finding a student salon that’s in your area, utilizes well-trained and knowledgeable students, and offers skin care treatments as well as other treatments. Because some student salons only offer cosmetology treatments, you may need to check so you can know for certain.

Ogle School is a great option if you want a high-quality student salon in your area that may offer skin care treatments. You can find an Ogle School student salon near you and call to ask about the options they provide, including skin care treatments.


skin care at clinical salons
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Student salons are a great option for people who want access to high-quality skin care treatments at a lower price. Whether you’re used to skin care treatments or you just want to pamper yourself, a student salon is a great place for you to gain access to affordable skin care treatments from experts who know what they’re doing.

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