5 Surprising Things You’ll Learn in Cosmetology School

If you have recently applied to Cosmetology School, or are thinking of applying, you probably think you know what to expect. You are ready for lots of hair, beauty, and skincare, and ready to hit the books and the styling head, and get to work on your techniques. But, Cosmetology School has some surprises up their sleeves that will keep you on your toes. There is so much more to Beauty School that just beauty treatments, and a good school will give you a comprehensive and surprising learning experience. Enroll with Ogle School and here are some of the surprising things you will learn:

A Little Bit of Business

The greatest cosmetologist in the world, will still struggle if they don’t know how to promote their services and run their business. The world of cosmetology is a competitive one, and most beauty therapists, stylists etc. are responsible for building their own brand and business, particularly in the early days of their business. At Cosmetology School you will discover how to build up your client base, by learning how to market your treatments and services. Furthermore, as you will be training in a genuine salon environment, you will be able to practice your sales technique by up-selling treatments, or by selling styling or beauty products.


A Pinch of Chemistry

Don’t worry, you won’t be required to put on a lab coat and have to battle with test tubes and flasks, and memorise hundreds of chemical reactions. However, when you are wearing your Cosmetologist uniform, you have a responsibility to your clients to know about the chemicals in the products you will be using. There is a complex mixture of chemicals in the likes of hair colorants, hair styling products, facial treatments and perms etc., each of which can affect hair and skin in different ways. At Cosmetology School you will learn about the common chemical reactions of the products you use in treatments, and how to best protect your client’s hair, scalp and skin.

Communication Skills

A key part of being a good Cosmetologist, is knowing how to communicate with your clients. By working in a real salon environment, with real clients, you will learn how to put your clients at ease. You will discover how to effectively listen to your clients during consultations, taking into account what they want and discuss the best options for them. This really does create a bond of trust between cosmetologist and client, making any client feel comfortable in your care.The longer your at Beauty School the more confident you will be interacting with clients, building long-lasting relationships and repeat business.

Some Basic Anatomy

You may think you have left biology class back in high school, but you do have to revisit it just a little bit in Cosmetology School. Whilst you will do most of your training in the school salon, you will spend some time in the lecture theater learning in-depth about the anatomy of hair, skin and nails. These areas of the human body —particularly the skin— protect from damage, infection and irritants. It is important that they are kept healthy, to keep your clients safe. You will learn how to spot potential chemical reactions, rashes or infections, and the steps that your clients will need to take to resolve these issues.


How Capable You Are

Finally, you will learn so many surprising things about yourself on your journey through Beauty School. You will learn how talented, creative and capable you are, as your confidence in you abilities grows each days. You may experience and setbacks and disappointments, if you can’t get a handle on a technique etc., but your supportive instructors and fellow students, will get you through them. It will be these struggles that will make you realise how strong you have become, and how dedicated to your craft you are. This will give you a real boost on your graduation, which will make you ready for the next step on your journey to become a Cosmetologist, whatever challenges you may face on the way.

You will get so much more than an education in beauty treatments and techniques in Beauty School. You will get a learning experience that will make you feel comfortable and capable of starting your Cosmetology career, and reaching for those career goals. Get in touch with Ogle School today, and find out more about the surprising things you will learn at Cosmetology School, and just where is can take you.

About the Author

Jeff Chiarelli
Jeff Chiarelli is the Head of Marketing for Ogle School. His responsibilities include leading Ogle School's marketing and branding strategy to amplify Ogle School's passion for helping create future beauty professionals in the communities Ogle School serves.