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Can You Go to Beauty School Right After High School?

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If you’re going to graduate high school soon, you’re probably thinking about college. It’s common for people to think about college as soon as they exit high school; in the United States, it’s typically the norm. However, for blossoming cosmetologists, the concept of going to beauty school right out of high school might be a little more complicated. Here’s what you need to know about this process.

Challenges With Attending Beauty School Right Out of High School

There are some challenges you may experience if you attend beauty school immediately after you finish high school.

  • Age Requirements

Possibly the biggest challenge for people who have just graduated high school is the fact that most beauty schools require you to be 18 to attend the school. Many people graduate at 17 or earlier, making this occasionally troublesome for brand-new high school graduates. The good news is that most beauty schools will allow you to go through the application process as long as you’ll be 18 by the starting date of class. At Ogle School, the requirement is a high school diploma/GED and a minimum age of 17 years old.

  • Financial Planning

As a younger person, chances are you haven’t built up very much in terms of savings. That means you’ll almost certainly have to take out a loan to pay for school. This can be a very financially smart thing to do, but it can also be very frustrating to start life out with debt. Talking to a financial aid counselor can be a helpful way to avoid these problems.

  • Less General Experience 

As a recent high school graduate, you just won’t have as much life experience as someone who may be slightly older. This can be detrimental in beauty school for the same reason it can be detrimental in college as a whole. This can be challenging for beauty school, the same way it is challenging in college as a whole

Benefits of Attending Beauty School Right Out of High School

It’s not all negative. Here are some benefits of attending beauty school as soon as you graduate.

  • An Early Path to a Career

When you attend beauty school as soon as you graduate, you’ll get a head start on your path to a career. Rather than traveling after a variety of “smaller” jobs that may not lead to your permanent career path, beauty school gives you a direct path to a career that you can enjoy for the entirety of your working life. Getting there early is a great benefit.

  • Direct Guide to Your Passion

If you’ve already realized that cosmetology is your passion, it’s always better to start doing it early rather than waiting until you have a “better time” to start doing it. Many people wait years without recognizing their passion. Recognizing your passion as someone who’s just graduated high school is great, and it can be a huge benefit to your overarching career.

  • Less Existing Debt

Although you may have less wealth saved up as a young person, the opposite is also typically true. Young people right out of high school almost always have little to no personal debt. That means although college can start you off with a pretty significant amount of debt, it won’t add to preexisting debt you’re already dealing with.

Is It a Good Idea?

After reading these points, you might wonder whether it’s a good idea to start cosmetology school if you’ve just graduated high school. Of course, it’s different for everyone, but as long as you meet all the prerequisites, it may be a great idea for you.

Remember that college should set you up for a career. This is the main point people should think about before they apply for college. If you’re invested enough in the world of cosmetology to consider beauty school right out of high school, it could be a lifelong interest.


attending beauty school after graduation
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There are both pros and cons to attending beauty school right out of high school. For most people, the pros absolutely outweigh the cons, and attending beauty school right out of high school is a great choice.

If you’ve decided that you want to attend beauty school in the upcoming semester, you should request more information from an Ogle School team member. Ogle School can help you find the right location and the right program to suit your future needs.

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