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Find out what this beauty career is all about!

career-profile2While most cosmetology school graduates work behind the chair in a salon, a few choose to become Platform Artists.

Platform Artists teach skills and introduce products to industry professionals and students across the United States, and sometimes even around the world!

Are you passionate about teaching? Are you charismatic? Do you love to be on stage? Are you a natural salesperson and passionate about beauty?

You might have what it takes to be a successful Platform Artist in the beauty industry.

Most companies who sell products for the beauty industry hire platform artists to help build their businesses.

Platform artists work at trade shows, department stores, salons and schools, teaching about and selling their products.

Here are three of the integral skills needed to become a successful platform artist:

A Passion for Teaching.
It is important that you are comfortable in front of an audience because you might be teaching to a small group at a salon or to hundreds at a trade show. Being informative and interactive are keys to helping people understand the uses and benefits of the product you are showing.

The Ability to Sell.
Your primary goal is to sell the product that you are teaching others to use. Having high energy and a charismatic personality helps draw people in so they want to learn more. Understanding the needs of your audience and how your product can help them will make it easier to sell. Having a natural ability for selling will increase your chances of success.

Beauty Industry Knowledge.
In order to be a successful platform artist in the beauty industry, you need to have a strong knowledge of the industry, the latest trends, and what beauty professionals need. Attending cosmetology school is one of the ways to gain the basic knowledge needed to get started.

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