Costs to Consider When Choosing a Cosmetology School

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The Difference Between a Cheap Cosmetology School and an Expensive One

Costs to Consider When Choosing a Cosmetology School

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As someone looking at cosmetology school, you’re probably thinking about the costs associated with your education. That makes sense — it can definitely be daunting looking at the cost of tuition, room and board, and general living expenses. To fix that, some people put price above all else and choose the cheapest cosmetology school they can. That could be a mistake. Here’s how to frame price correctly in your cosmetology school calculations.

Understanding the Cost of Cosmetology School

The true cost of cosmetology school varies substantially based on a number of factors. For example, even at a specific school, different campuses may charge more or less. You should also factor in living expenses like food and rent, especially if you’re planning to go to school full time and live on your own.

It’s also important to consider any financial aid you may be eligible for, including federal grants, scholarships and other financial aid options. This can reduce the final cost of cosmetology school, which can make it easier for you to afford.

Should Cost Matter?

A question many people think about when it comes to cosmetology school is whether cost matters at all. Should you even consider cost when you’re thinking about cosmetology school? Should you remove it from the equation entirely?

Obviously, you need to make sure you’re able to pay for cosmetology school or make your monthly payments on any loans you take out. However, putting cost at the very top of your list may lead you to attend a cosmetology school that isn’t even worth the money. Cost shouldn’t be your number one consideration for cosmetology school.

The Problems With Cheap Cosmetology School

If you choose the cheapest cosmetology school you can find, you’re bound to end up with some problems. These are just a few of the possible problems you might run into.

  • Low-Quality Education

The biggest problem you might run into with a cheap cosmetology school is the quality of the education. If you’re not paying very much to attend the school, the teachers might not be paid very much, either. That may mean only low-quality teachers are teaching classes at this school. They also might not invest very much money into their curriculum, leading to low-quality, low-impact curriculum learning.

  • Poor Flexibility

It’s much more likely for a cheap cosmetology school to not be willing to work with your needs. A cosmetology school you’re paying slightly more for should work with scheduling issues you have, and may have a wider variety of class times you can utilize to construct your education in a way that works for you.

  • Not Enough Education for a License

This could be one of the most devastating problems with a cheap cosmetology school. Each state sets its own requirements for licensing, which a quality cosmetology school will research and align with. If you go to an especially low-quality school, you might not even end up with the education and experience you need to get your cosmetology license when you graduate.

  • Hidden Fees and Requirements

Some cosmetology schools are more sneaky about their fees. Rather than listing everything up front, they list a very low price to entice you into signing up. Then they tack on additional fees, including fees each semester, each class, and sometimes just randomly. You may end up paying as much or more than you would at a school that lists a higher curriculum price.


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Overall, you want to pay attention to a school’s quality before you consider the price. You may be able to use financial aid to take down the price of attendance, but you can’t do anything to increase the quality of the school’s education.

Many high-quality schools, including Ogle School, are accredited by NACCAS. This accreditation showcases that Ogle School meets at least minimum NACCAS thresholds, which can help bolster your confidence in the school’s quality.

Overall, the important thing to think about is always going to be a school’s quality, not the school’s cost. If you want to get a better idea of what it may cost you to go through cosmetology school at a specific Ogle School campus, you’ll need to request information from an Ogle School team member. That way, you can understand more about your options for cosmetology school.

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