Debunking Myths About Cosmetology School

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Debunking Myths About Cosmetology School

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As you wonder about a future in the cosmetology field, chances are you’ll do a bit of research about cosmetology school. Cosmetology school, which some sources may call “beauty school,” is an important part of the cosmetology process, but you may find some people, typically from the generalized public, who are confused about cosmetology school. If you’ve ever heard any of these myths about cosmetology school, consider these arguments against them.

Myth #1: Cosmetology School Is Always Very Expensive

One myth that goes along with cosmetology school is that it’s typically extremely expensive. This often comes from the idea that many types of college are expensive, so cosmetology school, which is also a type of college, would probably be expensive as well.

Not only can cosmetology school often cost less than a non-trade school, but there may be financial aid options you can take advantage of. Whether it’s applying for a Pell Grant or discussing a payment plan with the cosmetology school, those who qualify can utilize financial aid to make it much easier for you to pay for school.

Myth #2: Cosmetology School Isn’t Really Necessary

More and more, people nowadays are taking their education into their own hands. Overall, this is definitely a good thing — it means you won’t pay for a class you don’t need. However, this has also led to people wondering whether higher education is necessary.

When it comes to cosmetology school, attending is a must. Not only will cosmetology school give you great insights into the world of cosmetology, but it’ll also allow you to network with other people and build your portfolio. Plus, many states require cosmetology education for your licensure exam, which salon owners are typically going to require.

Myth #3: Cosmetology School Doesn’t Actually Teach You Anything

Have you ever heard someone talk about how they can basically learn everything they need to know from YouTube videos and website tutorials? Sure, you can probably learn how to nail your own eyeliner or do a basic smokey eye from online tutorials, but that’s not what cosmetology school is about.

Cosmetology school teaches you much more than just methods of handling makeup. It may teach you about color theory so you can craft new and exciting looks for your clients. It may give you information about skin tones and undertones so you can work on a variety of people. It may help you learn about sanitation procedures for a salon. All in all, cosmetology school teaches you a lot.

Myth #4: There Are No Agreed-Upon Standards for Cosmetology School

One issue some people have with cosmetology school is the idea that there are no standards that a school has to meet to call itself a cosmetology school. Although this can be a problem with some cosmetology schools, it can actually be a problem with any school. That’s why accreditation is so important.

Sure, you can find good cosmetology schools that don’t have accreditation, but a cosmetology school that’s accredited by NACCAS will have third-party verification of the quality of its teaching. That can make you much more comfortable attending your school of choice.

How to Find a Great Cosmetology School

At the end of the day, these myths don’t apply to the cosmetology world at large, but they may apply to certain schools. You’re looking for a school that’s high-quality, offers financial aid opportunities, and teaches you everything you need to succeed as a cosmetologist.

Don’t just settle for any cosmetology school. Talk to an Ogle School team member and request more information about cosmetology school. You’ll be able to learn more about the process and gain an even fuller appreciation for the topics and concepts you’ll learn in cosmetology school.


hair stylists attending cosmetology
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Cosmetology school is a useful and important part of your cosmetology journey. If you’re thinking about becoming a cosmetologist, no matter what that means for you, it’s a good idea to invest in your future. Attend a cosmetology school you love and feel great about. It’s the best way for you to get amazing results for your career in the future.

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