Do You Need to Use Specialized Shampoo?

Do You Need to Use Specialized Shampoo?

should your shampoo be specialized?

Numerous specialized shampoos are available. Whether you have oily hair, greasy hair, dry hair, or any other type of hair problem, you can surely find a shampoo targeted toward those hair concerns. However, despite the variety of shampoos available, many people choose to merely take a general formula off the shelf.

If you have certain hair issues, it’s a good idea to try a specialized salon shampoo to address them. Here are a few reasons why your hair might benefit from a specialized shampoo.

1. You Have Dermatological Issues

If you have severe acne or dandruff, your doctor may prescribe a certain type of shampoo or just recommend one. If your dermatologist has told you to use a specialized shampoo, you should definitely go by what your doctor has told you. If you’ve received a mere recommendation, you can always ask what ingredients that shampoo does and doesn’t have, and then find your own shampoo based on those ingredients.

2. You’re Prone to Allergic Reactions

Even if you don’t know that you have a skin condition, if you’ve already experienced allergic reactions to other seemingly mild things, it may be a good idea to choose a hypoallergenic shampoo. A surprising number of people have allergic reactions to their shampoo without even realizing it, and you may be having a mild reaction that’ll clear up once you switch to a specialized shampoo. Even trying out a hypoallergenic shampoo could lead you to realize that you’re allergic to an ingredient in your regular shampoo.

3. You’ve Dyed Your Hair, Especially Multiple Times

Dyed hair needs specialized treatment, and hair that’s been bleached or dyed multiple times needs even more care. A good stylist can help keep your hair manageable, even through a couple bleaches or dyes, but you need to put in some work with your everyday hair care routine as well. You can ask your stylist for a recommendation when it comes to a good shampoo for color-treated hair, and even follow it up with other specialized products such as conditioner and hair masks.

4. You’re Starting a Hair Damage Treatment

If your hair’s already been damaged and you decide to book a salon appointment, your stylist will likely give you a list of ways to help fix some of that damage. You can’t fix split ends or completely rejuvenate fried hair with an external treatment, which is why a stylist will usually start the treatment with a haircut. However, you can definitely give it a boost. If you’re getting ready to fix hair damage or prevent it from happening, it’s important to take your stylist’s advice and get the right shampoo.

5. You Have a Hair Type That’s Harder to Manage

People with thin, fine, straight hair can usually get along fine with a general shampoo, but once you start looking at other types of hair, it can become complicated fast. Even just coarse, wavy hair may need a specialized shampoo to stop breakage and other types of damage. If you have naturally textured hair, or hair with tighter curls, it’s a good idea to use a shampoo that’s specifically created to address those issues.

6. You’ve Never Tried It Before

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Specialized shampoo can seem like something that’s only necessary for a very small number of people, but in fact, it can be helpful for a surprisingly large portion of the population. If you’ve never tried out a specialized shampoo before, you probably don’t even know how much it can help your scalp. By trying a specialized shampoo that your stylist recommends, you can address your hair concerns, and it may surprise you how much more manageable your hair will become.

Specialized shampoos are available for all sorts of hair, so you don’t need to worry about having issues when it comes to finding a shampoo. Even better, your stylist has expert knowledge in these areas. When you ask for help choosing a shampoo, a professional stylist can point you in the right direction. If you’re still looking for a stylist to help you with your hair needs, book an appointment at an Ogle School salon near you to address your specific concerns.

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