Easy Homecoming Queen Hair and Makeup Tutorial

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Easy Homecoming Queen Hair and Makeup Tutorial

Seeing photos of my friends in their homecoming outfits makes me realize that the good old days of the tight up-dos and embellished dresses are gone. Nowadays, the homecoming look is all about being chic and polished without trying too hard.


This fall season, heavy contouring is out the door, and it’s all about dewy, flushed skin. Lips are bold, shiny and lacquered in berry and wine hues. In regards to eye shadow, lids should be soft, playful and shimmery to complement the bolder lip. If this sounds too overwhelming, don’t worry.
As for hairstyles, uncomplicated is better. This hairstyle will work for anyone and is so pretty that no one will believe it’s that easy to recreate! Follow the steps below to achieve a bold makeup look and easy hairstyle at home just in time to get crowned as homecoming queen!


Start with clean, moisturized skin and then apply primer. Choose a foundation that will give you a dewy glow. Healthy Skin Foundation by Neutrogena gives you medium to full coverage and makes you look like you have healthy skin, like it’s name implies. Use a damp beautyblender or brush for best application.


Because contouring is out, use blush to define your cheeks and give your dewy skin a pinch of color. This universally flattering coral blush should be applied on the apples of your cheeks and will make you look naturally flushed. Tip: Smile and apply!

(I decided to skip to the hair when I realized it would be easier to have it off my face when doing the rest of my makeup, so let’s begin.)


I want to start by saying that this easy hairstyle is one I turn to when I need to look put-together and don’t have a lot of time. It’s a simple yet polished do that helps to show off your pretty makeup by taking all the hair off your face. Start by side-parting your hair. Grab the front and larger side section of your hair and start twisting. Secure the twisted hair in the back by crisscrossing two bobby pins and spraying to hold.



Now, for the rest of the hair, use a flat iron to create tousled weaves. By holding the flat iron upward and wrapping small sections of hair with it, you can create beachy waves. Don’t worry about how you section your hair, as curling uneven sections gives it a more chic, effortless look. Finish with hairspray all over. Clueless about how to curl your hair? Check out this Curls 101 post to get you started!



For the eye makeup, I used a shimmery and pastel palette by Revlon. I packed an eyeshadow brush with the pink shadow and applied it to the lid. I used the shimmery gray sparingly on the crease with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. The trick here is to blend the gray with the pink in the crease for a soft finish. Complete with three or more coats of a curling mascara on the top lashes. Learn more about makeup brushes.

statement look

To polish off the look, I used a lacquered burgundy lip gloss and, of course, statement earrings!

Here are some of the products I used to create the look.

Homecoming Makeup 09

Enjoy your Homecoming. And remember:


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