Eliminate the Frizz with a Hair Taming and Straightening Treatment

It’s been said that you should choose a hair stylist whose hair type matches your own. The theory goes that he or she would have an innate understanding of how to manage your hair.

However, with salon-grade hair straightening and hair smoothing treatments, you might have a hard time identifying which stylist has natural hair that’s as wild and untamable as your own.

How to Tame Your Hair

Smooth and silky hair doesn’t always start out that way. With a straightening or taming treatment, you can change your hair’s texture to make it more manageable.

hair taming salon treatment

One of the best ways to improve the texture of your hair is through a keratin treatment. Unlike other hair straightening techniques, this treatment doesn’t include damaging chemicals that can permanently alter your hair.

An additional advantage of keratin straightening treatments is that they’re progressive, meaning your hair will improve with each treatment.

What to Know About Getting a Straightening Treatment

At Ogle School salon, a straightening/taming treatment costs just $93. Similar treatments in other salons can cost $300 to $600, but Ogle is able to offer such affordable rates because students are performing services under the supervision of licensed instructors. The treatment includes a shampoo, conditioning rinse, and a basic blow dry style. If you also need to modify your hair shape, a cut costs just $11.

Request a straightening/taming treatment at any of our Texas salons including Arlington, Hurst, Fort Worth, Dallas, North Dallas, Denton, San Antonio, and Houston/Stafford.

hair straightening keratin treatment

Ogle School salons use the GKhair keratin product line, a formaldehyde-free hair straightening treatment that can last three to five months, depending on your home care regimen.

The treatment works on your hair from the inside out, deeply permeating the cortex of your hair rather than surrounding your hair’s cuticle. The protein blend smoothes, moisturizes, strengthens, and revitalizes your hair while repairing its internal damage.

Appropriate for all hair types, the treatment can be customized based on the desired results. Additionally, the impact of the treatment may vary based on your starting point. Los Angeles hairstylist Clayton Hawkins explains, “If your hair has a slight wave, you’re going to get pretty straight hair right off the bat. If your hair is super curly and frizzy, you’re gonna loosen the curl and diminish some of that frizz.”

Check out this transformation video to see the type of results you can achieve with a hair taming/straightening treatment.

Hair Care After a Keratin Treatment

Following a keratin treatment, you can shampoo and condition your hair as part of your regular routine by using custom hair products designed to maintain the treatment. In particular, you should avoid any hair products that contain sulfates.

Additionally, salt and chlorine can minimize the impact of your treatment. Following an Ogle School salon hair straightening/taming treatment, don’t go into an ocean or pool during the first 48 hours. After that, take a dip as usual by applying protective product to your hair, such as GKhair serum or leave-in conditioner.

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