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Bieber, Miley and Taylor: An Animated Hairstyle Evolution

From their teens to their 20s, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus have each undergone quite the style evolution. From side-swept bangs to a pixie cut and the unfortunate dreadlocks, let’s look back at the hairstyles of these stars to see how their looks have evolved


Justin Bieber

Have you been swooning over Justin Bieber since he came on the scene in 2009? Here at Ogle, we’ve certainly been swooning over his hairstyles. (Well, some of the hairstyles anyways.)

Starting in 2009, Biebs wore a shaggy mop cut with a side sweep over his brow — a perfect cut for a 15-year-old. The cut was modernized in 2010 by maintaining the same bowl shape but adding textured lengths. As his style caught on among the tweens, one 11-year-old called it the “hot combover” in Vanity Fair magazine.

Then in 2011, when he was 17, Bieber changed things up by cutting it a little shorter and styling it with flipped-up ends. After the cut, he tweeted out to his fans that he had donated any fallen strands to charity.

At age 18, we saw a return of the longer cut of his youth, this time with an even bigger sweep across his forehead. Later that year, he tried a new way of styling the lengthy locks by changing the sweep into a pompadour. At 19, he kept this taller hairstyle, working with his stylist to trim up the sides to better define the pompadour.

When Bieber turned 20, his style got a little classier. He kept some of the height of his previous do but slicked it back and to the side. The following year, in 2015, he let it grow a little longer and added some blonde highlights.

Things started to get a little wild later in 2015 when he bleached it blonde, buzzed the sides short and left the top long so that his oversized bangs fell to the side. The memes spread like wildfire, comparing this hairstyle to a llama, a broom and the 2008 emo scene. Yikes!

He wasn’t done rebelling, though, because the following year, he dreaded his golden locks. The controversy about cultural appropriation made this a short-lived style, and he shaved it all off later that month, eventually dying it to a platinum blonde after he got some length back.

Now in 2017, the 23-year-old has returned to a style similar to the one he had when he was 16. This is the classic Bieber side-swept bob that was so popular among fans, only now it’s a little bit shorter. Needless to say, his hair has gotten a good amount of publicity over the years.


Miley Cyrus

At age 13, Miley Cyrus wore her auburn-colored hair in long, loose curls. The look was so innocent and casual, but that didn’t last long. The next year, 2007, Miley got it straightened, added layers and brought some blonde highlights into her look.

The highlights were gone in 2008, and she also had more length to her loosely curled hair. She kept it mostly brown in 2009, adding some auburn accents to her color. Rather than wearing it long, she was now wearing it in an updo, like for the UK premiere of her “Hannah Montana” movie.

In 2010, she let her long hair down again, wearing it with a center part and subtle waves. The following year, she added a side-swept bang and subtle color variations of browns, blondes and auburns to create depth and volume. Later that year, the 18-year-old went shorter, straight and with more layers.

At age 19, she styled it like Old Hollywood with big curls and lots of volume, but later that year, she made a bold statement and left behind any of her Disney-inspired aesthetic. Her do was a platinum-colored double undercut with the top spiked high. Whoa!

This led her to a pixie cut in 2013, and after letting it grow out a bit, she ended up with the cut that we know from the “Wrecking Ball” music video: short on the sides, longer on the top and faded to platinum.

Changing up her look when she was 21, Miley slicked her hair down with a sleek side-part crop. After letting it grow, she brought back her bob cut the following year.

In 2016, she added some waves to her shoulder-length hair and changed the color back to a strawberry blonde. This year, her hair is longer still, and she continues to wear it wavy, but she’s letting her roots grow long for an ombre that fades to blonde.


Taylor Swift

Another style icon, Taylor Swift, has been setting hair trends whenever she changed her style. Back in 2006, she she was 16 years old, she wore her long, blonde hair in a mane of curls with a side sweep of long bangs. She kept her hair long the following year while changing the color slightly to be a little more strawberry blonde and wearing her signature curls swept back.

Her bangs got longer in 2008, and so did her hair length. At the CMT Music Awards, she styled it in a curly side pony paired with a sparkly headband — adorbs! But later that year for the CMA Music Awards, she abandoned her signature curls for a sleek, bouffant-inspired updo and side-swept bangs. In 2009, Swift merged some of her previous looks and showed up to the CMT Awards with a curly side bun updo.

At age 20, Taylor made a bold choice to change up her look. While she previously flaunted an uber-curly, Southern-girl look, she was now making her way into the mainstream by wearing her hair pin straight. Styling it in a side part, her layered cut had several tiers. Her bangs had grown out to well past her chin, but later that year, she cut them into a straight, thick fringe that hit just above her eyes.

In 2011, she grew her bangs out again and added some loose waves back into her style. Then in 2012, it was back to the bangs, but this time they were a softer fringe than her previous blunt cut.

She was 23 when she made another bold move by chopping her hair short. The curls were back, but this time they referenced a 1930s glam aesthetic. The following year, it was back to loose waves, combining side-swept bangs with volume at the crown.

Another bold hair move happened in 2016, when she cropped her hair to a chin-length bob with bangs, adding an under-curl to both for a sleek finish. Now this year, her blonde locks have grown to nearly shoulder length, and she’s styling them straight or wavy, depending on the event.

So which celebrity hairstyle is your favorite? Let us know what you think!

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