Festival Foundations: Summer-Proof Your Makeup for an All-Day Look

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Festival Foundations: Summer-Proof Your Makeup for an All-Day Look

Summertime for many is all about what has become one of the season’s hottest trends across the globe: music festivals. Along with these various outdoor rock, country and dance extravaganzas comes festival style: flower crowns, colorful fashions, braids and just the right makeup to give the finishing touch to the perfect “boho babe” ensemble.

While it’s easy to stay cool in a flowing gown — and festival hair looks even better when it’s been swirled around on a dance floor — making sure your makeup stays put through an all-day party in the hot sun is considerably more of a challenge. The good news: There are plenty of ways to summer- and sweat-proof your face to keep it looking fresh/glittery/fantastic well into the night.

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Prep Your Skin

As the old saying goes, the best defense is a good offense — and this holds true for your skin in this instance. Most skin types produce more oil in the summer months, so plan ahead; oil, even more so than sweat, is the culprit of slippery, melting makeup. A week or so prior to the outdoor event you plan to attend, treat your face with a clay mask to help stem oil production. This first step will help assure that your makeup will stay in place for an extended amount of time. (You can also start an ongoing weekly clay mask — a good idea if you have multiple events to attend throughout the warmer months.) You will also want to clean your face thoroughly with an oil-controlling cleanser and blot your skin before applying makeup.

Coverage Rules

When getting ready to put on makeup, keep in mind rule #1: Less is more. The less you have on, the less the sun will be able to melt off! Use the sheerest foundation you can get away with — a tinted moisturizer combined with concealer for spot-correcting is ideal. (As a bonus: Look for one with SPF built right in!) If you must use a true full-coverage foundation, make sure to apply primer first. Then use the foundation only where you need it.

You can also try a “mock contouring” technique for which dabs of pigmented concealer are placed on the forehead, around the nostrils, under the eyes, on the sides of the mouth and on the chin.
Use a small amount of cream or gel blush — no need to go overboard here, as the heat and sun will give you a natural glow. Once all is in place, sweep translucent powder over your face to set.

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Eyes Ahead

Now it’s time to tackle your eyes. Here, again, the most important step is primer. Use a good eye primer on your lids, then choose cream eyeshadows for the best effect. Just try one or two shades — don’t go overboard. You can finish off with a topping of powder shadow to set your work. If you choose to use eyeliner, definitely put powder over it. A good way to do this is to lightly wet a sponge applicator or cotton swab, then apply damp powder over the liner and let dry.
Waterproof mascara is a given, but if you have a particular favorite mascara that works for you, go ahead and use it. Simply use a coat of waterproof formula on top as your final step.

Feel free to use eye glitter, try out winged liner or any other festival-fun ideas once you have established a waterproof base. Consider investing in an eyeshadow sealant to make sure all stays in place.

Mouth Off

Don’t forget your lips, of course! Remember that lips are a highly sensitive area of the body that is susceptible to sun and wind damage. Look for products with SPF included in the formula.
A simple sweep of gloss is the perfect look for an outdoor festival, but if you’d prefer to use a more pigmented formula, follow the lead of the rest of your makeup and prime! Before applying product, use a dab of foundation on your lips. Then, to further ensure lipstick will not smear or run, line your lips and lightly color them in with lipliner. Apply a long-lasting lipstick formula over top.

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Handy Tips

While it’s safe to bet you’ll be too busy having fun, dancing up a storm and enjoying the music to have much time to check on your face, you can take a few moments here and there to make sure your summer-proof makeup job is staying in place.

Be sure to stock your purse or bag with the following easy-to-carry items: blotting papers (which are miraculous for removing shine and keeping makeup in place), a powder compact with sponge pad (for quick touchups — no mirror needed) and a lipliner to give your lip color a fast repair after eating or drinking. You may also wish to use the liner to darken your overall lip shade once the sun goes down.

Have fun in the sun!

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