Things You Need to Know Before Beauty School

Have you been styling the hair for anyone that will let you from a very young age? Or have you watched every makeup tutorial there is on YouTube? Then you might just be considering a career in cosmetology, with dreams of becoming a beauty therapist, or hairstylist. To make these dreams come true, you will need to attend beauty school.

You might already have some misconceptions about beauty school, based on what you assume it will be like. We are here to tell you what you should really know about beauty school before you attend.


It’s Not As Easy As It Looks

There is a big difference between doing a friend’s makeup just right for a few nights out, and beauty school. It is actually really hard work, which can be really intense. Most programs take place over around 12 months, and there is a lot to fit into that year, to prepare you for a career in the beauty industry. But don’t worry, as intense as it might seem at times, you will learn at a manageable pace and you will be well equipped to give clients your best once you graduate. Remember how that saying goes, ‘nothing worth having comes easy.’

It Takes Some Serious Dedication

If you are thinking of going to beauty school, then you better be dedicated. Going to beauty school is like having a full time job with a full schedule. You will spend some of your time in lectures learning theory and technique and the rest in the salon with clients and instructors. You will need dedication to get the most out of your beauty school experience. Practice and commitment will make perfect.


You Will Learn It All

At beauty school, you will learn all aspects of a salon, which means that you will gain skills in cosmetology areas that you may not be all that interested in. If you want to simply be a hairdresser, a manicurist, or a makeup artist, make sure you chose the right program. As well as learning all the various treatments a salon offers, you will also learn how a salon works. Such as how long clients will be in your chair, how to work around other stylists coordinating your treatments, how to look after your kit, and even how to talk to clients, with respect and professionality.

You Get to Unleash Your Creativity

Yes beauty school is difficult (particularly learning all the makeup skills), but it is so rewarding when you see your skills improving and developing. Furthermore, you will be able to fully explore your creativity, with the encouragement of your tutors and instructors. You will get such a sense of achievement of bringing a creation you have envisioned come to life, as well as a sense of pride in making a client feel beautiful. As hard as beauty school seems at times, the rewards are so worth it.



The main thing to know is that you will learn far more than beauty techniques. At cosmetology school you will learn the business of beauty, which goes way beyond coloring and cutting, contouring and concealing. You will discover how to deliver top class customer service, that will help you to develop a loyal customer base and repeat booking, when you start your career. If cosmetology is your passion, there is no doubt, that going to beauty school will be the best thing you ever do.

Enjoy your cosmetology journey with Ogle School, and make friendships that will last a lifetime. Visit our website to see the courses and services that we offer.

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Jeff Chiarelli
Jeff Chiarelli is the Head of Marketing for Ogle School. His responsibilities include leading Ogle School's marketing and branding strategy to amplify Ogle School's passion for helping create future beauty professionals in the communities Ogle School serves.