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Changing your hairstyle can be a great way to ring in the new year, celebrate an accomplishment, or just visualize some other changes in your life. Of course, taking the plunge into incredibly different hairstyle can be daunting, and it might be better to merely shake your hairstyle up a little. Bangs are the perfect middle ground between keeping your hairstyle the same and changing it up dramatically. Try these bang styles on for size!

Side-swept Bangs

This is by far one of the easiest bang styles, especially if you have shorter hair. Short-haired people may not even need to visit the salon for this one; just give yourself a moderate side part and you’re done! Long hair can make a side part look a little more like curtains than bangs, so it’s a good idea to get a slight trim on your bangs for the best look.

Best of all, side-swept bangs are easy to grow out and can often melt back into your normal hairstyle if you want to switch back.

Retro Blunt Bangs

Retro fashion lovers rejoice: the blunt bang look has been updated to match modern chic fashion! Blunt bangs can help you define your unique style. You can choose to cut them as short as an inch above your brows or as low as your lashes, and they work well with most straight hairstyles, both long and short. If you want blunt bangs but don’t like the startlingly straight cut, ask for a little more texture in your bangs for extra versatility.

Thick, Puffy Bangs

When your hair is thick, it can be difficult to find bangs that frame your face well without looking too heavy. Puffy bangs are great for hair with a lot of volume, as the volume helps them naturally curve over your brows. When wet, these bangs will usually fall right under your brow; when they dry into that curve, they’ll rise a bit to hit your brow or just above it. As an additional bonus, puffy bangs tend to look great paired with a ponytail.

Curtain Bangs

It’s said that the eyes are the window to the soul, and if that’s the case, then you need to put up some curtains. Curtain bangs use a middle-part hairstyle to sweep your bangs gently over both eyes, framing your face. It looks great as part of a textured hairstyle. The texture in the bangs will smooth into the texture of your hair, creating a cohesive look. Even better, curtain bangs are versatile, working well with either long or short hair.

Curly Bangs

In the past, bangs were relegated mostly to those with straight or slightly wavy hair. Not anymore! You can get a cute bang look with wavy, curly, or natural hair, giving those curls a bit of an excuse to bounce around your forehead. A good rule of thumb, especially if your hair curls into ringlets, is to cut your bangs when wet, because cutting them while dry may make them look uneven.

Bang Hairpiece

This hairstyling secret can work magic. If you’re not quite sure about making the jump to bangs, or you just want to be able to change your hairstyle daily, a bang hairpiece can give you true versatility. Do your research to find the best bang hairpiece for your hair type, and make sure you’re putting it in right so it blends into the rest of your hair properly. Then, you can put it in or take it out as desired.

How to Cut and Maintain Bangs

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Cutting bangs can be an anxiety-inducing process. If you do it wrong, you may have to wait multiple weeks or months for it to grow out long enough for another trim. Maintenance is also important; whether you want to keep your look or transition into another one, you’ll need to do it right.

If you’re not a hair stylist, these can seem like daunting requirements. That’s exactly what salons are for!
At a salon, you can get advice on the best bang style for your hair type and face shape, and get them cut by a professional. Find an Ogle School Houston salon near you. You can rest assured that your hairstyle will come out just how you wanted.

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