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Are You Making These Beauty Faux Pas?

We have all probably looked back at our past fashion and thought ‘what was I thinking?’. Luckily, fashions change, and our style changes with it. But when it comes to beauty, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, ignoring the new makeup trends and sticking with what you’ve always done. You don’t have to religiously follow the new beauty trends, we are just hoping to guide you away from some of the common beauty faux pas that prevents your natural beauty from shining through.

Common Beauty Faux Pas

We have all made the odd beauty faux pas. Makeup is a learning process, you are never going to figure out what works for you. And it definitely takes some practice to get the application of makeup right. So, here are some of the common makeup mistakes, we’ve all probably made.

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Too Much Brow Game – An easy way to make you look severe is to overdo the eyebrows. There was a short period of time where big and bold eyebrows were very on trend, and they can still look good if they are done in a soft way. But, color eyebrows in with a thick brow pen that is too dark, for eyebrows that are too angled and sharp, can look very artificial and harsh. Stick with a softer eyebrow powder or pencil, that matches the color of your brow. Apply it in small brush strokes to mimic the hairs, to create a natural look.

Blush Overload – A little rose of color on the cheeks can really give your face a healthy glow. But, apply too much and you lose definition of the apple of the cheek and look a little flushed instead. Light application is key — start with a little and build it up if necessary. The same goes for bronzer, too. The idea is to look sunkissed, not like you have been punched by the sun. Apply your bronzer in light sweeping motions across the forehead, down the bridge of the nose and over the cheekbones.

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Bold Eyes AND Lips – One of the most common beauty faux pas is heavy eye makeup with a heavy lip. With bold make up in both areas, it is hard for the eye to draw focus on one particular area. It can appear to be over the top. If you do like a bold eye and lip, you can still make it look glam without being ‘too much’, by choosing eyeshadow and lipstick that is lighter than one shade. This will create a much softer look.

The Wrong Shade of Foundation – How many times have you went to try a new concealer or foundation, and smeared some over the back of your hand? The tone of the skin on the back of the your hand is very different to the skin on your face. Always check if the shade of a concealer or foundation is the right one for you, by seeing how it blends into the jawline. If you still aren’t sure, ask someone who works on the cosmetics counter, they are there to help you.

Faux Pas 03

Application Problems – Some beauty faux pas, come from difficulties with application. But really who can get it right all the time…

  • Lipstick on the Teeth – I understand it, you have just bought a gorgeous new red lipstick and you can’t wait to show it off. This can cause you to be a little bit overzealous with the application. That extra lipstick has to go somewhere, and the only place is the teeth. Before you step out the door, blot the lips to remove any excess lipstick, and take a little compact mirror with you for touch ups and subtle checks of the teeth.
  • Unblended Foundation – If you don’t blend your foundation all the way, then your foundation could appear streaky, as well as having a tideline around the jawline. Invest in a good blending sponge or foundation brush and build the coverage in light layers, as opposed to one thick layer. Always check your foundation in natural light where possible, as this will show things that artificial light does not.
  • Spidey Lashes – Mascara is brilliant. A few coats and your eyes really pop. Because it works so well, it can be hard to know when to stop. One layer too many and all the lashes clump together and your have spiders legs around your eyes. Two layers of mascara should be enough and make sure the first layer is completely dry before applying the second. If necessary, separate lashed with an eyelash comb.

Faux Pas 04

One Last Thing…

One last little thing to help keep that skin beautiful and healthy… throw out old makeup, no matter how hard it is to part with. Lipstick that is over 18 months old may have toxic levels of bacteria living within it. Disgusting, right? Do check the sell by date of your makeup up and get rid of any pieces that are past it.

A common makeup bag mistake, is not washing makeup brushes often enough. A make up brush can be a haven for bacteria, and if that bacteria is transferred to the face, then is can lead to acne or other skin complaints. Get some brush cleaner and get cleaning.

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