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Give Mom A Real Treat This Mother’s Day – A Trip To The Salon Spa!

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Flowers? So overdone. Chocolates? Don’t ruin her diet! A card? Come on, this is the woman who gave birth to you, for heaven’s sake… or, perhaps, the woman who gave birth to your kids… or maybe just a mother you love and admire.

Don’t you think the amazing mom—or moms–in your life deserve something they will really, truly love and enjoy this Mother’s Day?

Why not surprise your favorite mother and let her know how special she is by giving her a spa and/or salon experience—a day of pampering, attention, and relaxation that will make her look as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside? We guarantee that Mom will automatically grant you the title of “favorite child” (partner, friend, you name it!) after receiving a present like this!

Whether it’s your mom’s first time at the spa—or she’s a seasoned veteran—it’s always a smart idea to prepare ahead of time to ensure her experience is a fantastic one. Just a few things to keep in mind:

Tips to Make Mom’s Spa Day Comfortable and Fun

Research spa and salon options before booking treatments. Some things to consider: Would your mother prefer a full-service spa (with sauna, Jacuzzi, etc.) or would she be more comfortable with a salon-like experience? If your budget is limited, a basic manicure and pedicure at a nice facility can be as much of a treat as a more expensive spa treatment. Unlimited funds? Check to see if your favorite spa offers package deals for multiple treatments!

mothers day spa package

Either make sure you pre-pay gratuity so your mother does not have to worry about tipping, or give her an envelope with cash (20% of treatment value) to give to her technician. If she’s having more than one treatment, it may be easiest to handle at the front desk ahead of time.

Take note of any allergies or sensitivities she has, and let the staff know ahead of time. You don’t want her to have any reactions to oils, lotions, products, or waxes that may be used during her treatments.

Buy her a pretty pair of new flip-flops! Most spas provide footwear, but your mother may not like the way they fit (or the idea that someone else wore them—although they should be sanitized between wearings).

Schedule a light meal or snacks. Many facilities provide complimentary spa treats ranging from fresh fruit to hot herbal tea, but if you are spending several hours, you’ll both be hungry. Ask the front desk if they can order in food for you, or see if they offer their own menu.

Or, find out what restaurants are nearby, and make dinner or lunch reservations at a local hotspot directly following your treatments! Imagine how delighted Mom will be with a great restaurant meal to cap off her day—especially when she’s looking spa-fantastic and glowing!

Which Treatment(s) to Book?

Your mother will probably love any treatment you select for her. After all, going to the spa is all about luxury and pampering! However, you may want to consider specific things about each of the most common treatments available, and how they might affect your own mom.

massage spa treatment

Massages are a very popular treatment, which your mom will likely enjoy. Who doesn’t love the ahhhh of a luxurious rubdown? However, you might want to check a few things before you book one for her:

Is your mother uncomfortable disrobing for a massage? Although she will be covered with a sheet or towel discreetly at all times, most masseuses do require a strip-down to at least underpants or swim bottoms.

Does she prefer a female masseuse? Many spas employ both men and women, so be sure to confirm whatever she’s comfortable with!

Is she currently experiencing any joint or muscular issues that might make prolonged touch uncomfortable or painful?

Finally, will she be okay with speaking up—or is she the too-polite type? It is essential to communicate if the massage is the right pressure; if the room is hot/cold; or if the music (most spas play gentle tunes) bothers her.

facial clay mud mask

Facials are always great to give your mom a glow, as well as assist with aging skin.

This might be a good choice for mothers who are uncomfortable with partial or full nudity, or find the idea of a massage invasive. Facials are generally done with a robe on, and touch is limited to above the neck (some facials do include a hand and foot rub).

Facials usually consist of cleansing, extractions, massage, and a mask. Of these, extractions tend to be the only painful or uncomfortable part. You can request they be skipped if you think Mom prefers a more gentle experience, or if they might aggravate her skin.

manicure at salon spa

Manicures/Pedicures can make your mom feel pampered and special, as well as pretty up her feet for sandal weather.

Make a note of any issues such as arthritis, bunions, etc. that might compromise your mother’s enjoyment of a hand/foot treatment.

Pedicures generally include a foot rub. You can extend the massage for an extra cost at most salons—or ask the technician to skip it altogether if Mom is ticklish or doesn’t enjoy that kind of touch.

If all is good, perhaps suggest a gel manicure. These cost a bit more, but Mom’s nails will remain chip-free for three weeks (possibly longer!).

Remind your mother to wear a comfortable outfit. Skirts can be awkward in the pedicure chair, and tight pants can be hard to roll up.

Encourage her to try a fun new color. Any age can wear any shade of polish—there are no rules!

hair salon hair treatment with hairstylist

Hair treatments can be a good way to treat your mother if you don’t have a spa facility in your area, or if you suspect your mom might prefer a more familiar pampering experience.

Consider your mother’s hair needs. She may not want or need a new style, color, or cut, but she may enjoy a blowout. Look in your area for salons that specialize in blowouts only—they often are reasonably priced and offer fun extras such as cookies, coffee, and even champagne!

You can also schedule a non-commitment appointment that just about any woman would appreciate: A deep conditioning treatment and scalp massage.

See? We told you this would be better than another old bunch of roses, right? (And, with the astronomical marked-up cost of flower delivery on Mother’s Day—it may even be more economical.) Your mom is worth it!

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