Quick and Easy Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Test Days

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Quick and Easy Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Test Days

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Test days are a nightmare for anyone. Regardless of your personal test-taking prowess, you’re going to worry about the results of those tests. Plus, if you were studying late, you’ll probably feel worn out when you wake up, and it’s likely that you’ll only have a couple of minutes to get ready for the day.

Therefore, what are you supposed to do if you want to make sure you end up with a great look, but you don’t want to give up half an hour of sleep to do it? The answer is to use some quick hairstyles that still look amazing. These styles will make you look great in just a few minutes.

Messy Braid Waves

One of the best ways to sleep in a little later in the morning is to shower when you go to sleep. This option uses that nighttime shower to set up your look for the next day. Right after you shower, when your hair is still wet, put your hair into a few braids. Anywhere between five and 10 is usually a good idea, depending on how thick you want those waves. Sleep on them as usual. In the morning, undo your braids and run your fingers through your hair, making sure to mix the waves around. You’ll get that carefree beachy waves look, and it’ll only take a few minutes.

Voluminous Ponytail

Not only does this concept elevate your usual ponytail, but it also works best with hair that you haven’t washed in a day or two so that you can skip a shower in the morning with no guilt. First, take sections of your hair from the top of your head, spritz them very lightly with hairspray, and back-comb them to get a little bit of additional volume. Then, gather your hair into a ponytail, making sure to pull the sides and bottom in as tightly as possible without pulling too much on the top. Now, your ponytail looks more like you spent a bit of time on it, even though it only took a few minutes.

Rope Twist Ponytail

A rope twist is one of those styles that always look extremely elegant and intimidating. However, it’s actually only a two- or three-minute process, making it perfect for quick sophistication. Use a comb to make a part on the opposite side of where you want the braid to be. Then, take two small sections of hair from the top of your forehead. Pass the section closest to the part over the other section. Add additional hair to that section, and then pass it under the other section. Continue this process until you’ve gotten to the nape of your neck and you’ve added all your hair into the “rope.” Tie it off with a ponytail, and you’re all set.

Scarf Updo

This is one of the easiest styles on the list, but it gives you a nice done-up look that even has a hint of vintage flavor to it. Take a thick scarf and place it around your head, tying it off to the side. Bobby pin it in place along the back, making sure it’s lower in the back than the front. Take sections of your hair and pull them over the scarf, pulling it all the way through so that your hair covers the exposed scarf entirely. Continue this process all the way to the nape of your neck, and then do the same thing on the other side. Gather all your hair into a ponytail and tuck it into the back, bobby pinning the edges as needed. The best thing about this look is that a little messiness works to your advantage, so you don’t have to worry about making it look perfect.


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Just because you have a test during the day, that doesn’t mean you have to show up looking like you just rolled out of bed. It only takes a couple of minutes to create the perfect hairstyle, and you can do many of them on the bus or in the parking lot without so much as a pocket mirror.

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