Strike a Balance by Pairing These Eye and Lip Looks

best eye and lip combinations
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Although there are plenty of things to focus on when doing a full face of makeup, two of the most important are the eyes and lips. They’re where people are going to focus first. The eyes are the window to the soul, and if you’re doing any sort of talking, your lips are going to draw some attention, too. That means you need to nail both of them to bring a look together.

However, over or under doing either one can lead to disaster. It’s important to balance your lips and your eyes to make sure you don’t stand out too much or not enough. Try these balanced looks for your next night out.

Smoky Eye, Maroon Lip

A smoky eye doesn’t necessarily have to be super dark and dramatic to make a statement. You can create one with varying shades of grey, making something that’s cloudy and eye-catching without being the focal point for your entire outfit.

With a more subdued smoky eye, you can use your lips to bring a pop of color. Sticking to the concept of deep reds and purples for fall, find a nice maroon lip that complements the grey shades in your eyeshadow.

Burgundy Eye, Nude Lip

With fall quickly approaching, deep purples and reds are in. Take advantage of that by doing a dramatic smoky eye with some deep burgundy highlights to add a pinch of color. A faux eyeliner, achieved using eyeshadow and water, can add a bit of definition without ruining the naturally cloudy look.

With such a dazzling eye look, you don’t need a lot for your lips. Use a nude lipstick or lip liner, maybe just a little darker than your actual lip color, to keep the attention on your eyes.

Nude Eye, Bubblegum Pink Lip

Bubblegum pink always invokes a light, feminine feeling that’s hard to pass up. For this look, go all out. Find a great pink color, ideally one with a lot of pigment so that it feels like you’ve stepped right out of a comic book.

With this look, you want to maintain a sort of youthful innocence throughout, which means dark eyeshadow is out of the question. Go for a nude or very slightly pink eye, and make sure your blush is up to par.

Cat-eye, Light Lip

The cat-eye, also called winged eyeliner, is something that beauty beginners often spend much of their time perfecting. There are lots of tips out there to help you create your personal cat-eye style, and when you do, you’ll probably want it to be the center of attention. Add it to a neutral eyeshadow look for the best results.

That also goes for your lipstick. When the cat-eye is the centerpiece, you can get away with a little bit of color. Think a muted red that goes well with your skin tone, but that should be it.

Muted Eye, Bright Red Lip

classy eye and lip makeup
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Bright red lipstick is a classic look, and some people own dozens of shades of red, all slightly different, to get exactly the perfect shade. You don’t necessarily have to go that deep into finding the right shade; just pick something that pops against your skin.

When you’re using a bright lipstick, it’s a good idea to keep your eyes unassuming. A very light cat-eye might be at play here, but otherwise, try to stick to gentle greys and nude shades.


Creating the perfect makeup look is a science and an art mixed into one. Not only do you have to make sure all the pieces look good separately, but you also have to make sure they fit in well with each other and with the rest of an outfit. That means juggling a lot of different pieces of the same puzzle.

It’s not a task for the faint of heart, but for some people, it’s an incredibly natural skill. If you find that you love mixing and matching makeup, why not put that to work? With the Ogle School cosmetology program, you can use your makeup expertise to build a career.

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