Makeup styles for certain occasions

The Perfect Makeup Look for Almost Every Occasion

For every occasion, you need a different type of makeup. Your makeup decisions are going to change based on where you’re going, what you’re doing and how fancy the occasion happens to be. So what do you need to strive for with all those occasions? Regardless of where you’re going or what you’re doing, here’s how to put together the perfect makeup look.

Super Casual Everyday Makeup

Makeup styles for daily occasions
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This is makeup for the days where all you’re doing is going out to get groceries at 3:00 p.m. On these days, mostly focus on skin care. You may want to do a tinted moisturizer, but it’s probably not worth it to break out foundation, highlighter and bronzer for a day where no one’s really going to see it.

Casual Work or School Makeup

This is the makeup you do when you’re going to your weekly classes or you’re working at a coffee shop. You obviously want to look presentable, but there’s no real need to “dress up.” A good everyday look is one that quickly goes over all the basics: foundation, blush, eyeliner and mascara if you want it, and a bit of lip gloss or a nude-colored lipstick.

Casual Night Out Makeup

If you’re going out to a fast casual restaurant with a couple of friends, you’ll probably want to dress up a bit, but you don’t have to really get into the “night out” makeup you typically think of. Instead, you’ll just want to embellish your casual work or school makeup. Choose one thing to make a mild statement: burgundy lipstick, for example, is a great add-on.

Mid-Level Night Out Makeup

Makeup styles for certain occasions
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If you’re getting ready to go out on the town, you need a makeup look that’ll stand up to it. This is the perfect place to break out your favorite eyeshadow palette and create an eye makeup look that’ll draw attention. Lipstick is also a good place to up the ante with makeup for a night out by including some bold colors, whether light or dark.

Mid-Level First Date Makeup

So you’re going on a first date with someone you really want to make a good impression on. How do you deliver on that type of makeup? Your best bet will typically be something that shows off your best features. If you love your lips, use a two-toned lipstick to draw attention to them. If you love your eye color, do an eyeshadow look in the same tones. Keep the focus on things you love about yourself.

Stylish “No-Makeup” Makeup

The “no-makeup” look is one that’s been gaining a lot of press recently. It’s difficult to pull off, but it can lend your look a bit of casual flair that’s extremely appealing for many boho styles. For best results, focus on tinted skin care products: tinted moisturizer and lip balm can give you a bit of makeup flair without looking too much like makeup.

All-Out Night at the Club Makeup

These are nights where it’s accepted and even encouraged to get a little wild. Here’s where you can really do whatever you want with colors. If you want to do a bright purple eyeshadow with neon pink lipstick, a fancy night out is the perfect place to do it. You may even want to try out some themed looks — anything from “Barbie Girl” to “Rainbow” is fair game.

Fancy Event Makeup

Makeup styles for fancy occasions
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If you’re going to a Broadway play or the opera, you need a fancy look that suits the atmosphere of the night. Typically, classic is the way to go here. You’re not really going to offend anyone with some crisp eyeliner and a nude lipstick. Just make sure you’re being deliberate; in these situations, if you mess up your eyeliner, it’s probably best to just re-do it.


There are so many different events you may need makeup for, there’s no way to cover every single one. However, these ones at least will cover most instances in which you’ll need to create a great makeup look. If you want an ultra-fancy or extremely specific makeup look, like a bridal look or prom look, you’re going to want to consult the experts instead. Find an Ogle School salon near you to consult with a cosmetology student who will be able to help you personalize a look based on your individual needs.

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