The Best Makeup for Your First Day of School

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The Best Makeup for Your First Day of School

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The first day of school is a day that’s both anticipated and dreaded. Of course, returning back to homework after summer vacation isn’t exactly how anyone wants to spend their days. However, there’s another important reason why the first day of school is such a cluster of emotions. It’s a day when you get to establish what type of person you are, and your makeup is an important part of that.

With the makeup you put on, you can change how people think about you. Even people you don’t often interact with who aren’t in your extended friend group will have an opinion on your makeup choices. Your goal is crucial here. What type of personality do you want to show off?

The Girl Next Door

This is a sweet, natural look. You want to look approachable, but not unnoticeable. It’s a great look for the first day of school, especially if you don’t like to spend a lot of time on your makeup or you’re new to the world of cosmetics. Stick to neutral tones; gentle pink or muted red lipstick can be a great cherry on top if you’re interested in adding a bit of buzz.

The Party Animal

If you love to party and be a bit of a smart-aleck, reflect that look by taking some wild steps on the first day. Colored eyeliner is new enough to take most people by surprise, but established enough that you’ll have an easy time finding colors that suit you. Consider adding a smokey eye that gives you a lively look and a tousled-but-maintained hairstyle that says, “I just woke up, but I’m going to a photo shoot in 10 minutes.”

The Intelligent Babe

Put on your glasses, because you don’t want to miss this look. If you’re going for more of a nerdy style, you’ll want something that’s unassuming and mostly gives you space to show your style with a nice hairstyle and a great outfit. If you actually wear glasses, it’s important to keep your makeup minimal here, because it won’t necessarily show very much when you have them on.

The Bombshell

You’ve heard of a blonde bombshell, and it’s time to bring that into full force. The good news is that you don’t need to be a blonde to be a bombshell; you only need to rock a slightly vintage look with confidence. Dig deep into your inner 1930s babe by pinning back some tight curls, going light on the eye makeup, and adding the brightest red lipstick you can find.

The Rebel

Establish yourself as someone who refuses to follow the rules. The first way to do it by wearing no makeup at all. Although it’ll definitely make you noticeable, the attention you get might not be the type you’re interested in. Instead, take your favorite beauty trend and multiply it. If you love eyeliner, create a thick wing over an inch long. If bright colors are your thing, create a rainbow eyeshadow look that will put the actual rainbow to shame. You’re a rebel, so pave your own trail.

The Sophisticated and Worldly One

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If you want a look that makes you look ethereal and well-traveled, try this on for size: burgundy lipstick paired with a smokey eye that blends a variety of soft neutrals and includes a dab of shimmer. Cap it all off with soft waves gathered into a loose over-the-shoulder braid, which brings the focus to the rest of your fashion choices.


There are dozens of different ways to do your makeup, and they all reflect who you are inside. Whether you’re looking for a soft, sweet, natural look, or you want to make a big impact on anyone who crosses your path, you can use makeup to do that. If you’ve been following along and think you could rock any and all of these, your calling might be to the makeup world. Check out Ogle School’s cosmetology program, and see what you can do in makeup after you graduate.

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