Texas: The Cosmetology State


Let’s face it: Texas is a state that has many “Texas-sized” conceptions attached to it; one of the more popular ones being that it is the land of big hair, big makeup, and serious pursuits of beauty. This is not entirely unfounded: After all, more Miss USA winners hail from Texas than from any other state in the history of the pageant.


Cliches notwithstanding, that translates into good news for beauty professionals seeking a career in the Lone Star State. If you are embarking on such a path in Texas, you’re definitely on a good trajectory: Texas is among the top five states with the highest employment rates for hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists.

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The Ogle school of beauty was founded in Arlington, and hosts eight campuses located throughout all of the state’s major cities, including Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Houston with plans for further expansion throughout Texas. The latter city alone is employing is currently employing more than 7,000 in the beauty industry, Dallas follows at a very close 5,000, San Antonio can claim 3,000, and Fort Worth boasts 2,000—with more and more demand on tap.

One of the area’s newest Ogle schools is in Denton, serving students from the Lewisville, Flower Mound, Gainesville, Corinth, Argyle and other surrounding Denton County communities.

Beauty in Texas: The Breakdown

Why might you wish to become a beautician in Texas? Simple: As noted, it’s a booming industry, and if you feel an inclination to the vocation, it’s certainly waiting for you with open arms. Texas is a great state to set up your shears/makeup kit/nail station.

Hairstyling-CostsIn addition to the sheer numbers projected for the beauty industry as a whole (by 2017, it’s expected the entire nation will see industry-related profits at a swell of around 5.9%, translating to about $2.9 billion in monetary terms—and by 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment will grow by 12.7 percent, with 77,600 new cosmetologist positions available.), there is a wealth of choices available within the field, ranging from “typical” positions such as hairstylist or nail technician all the way to salon manager or state board examiner.


Which is right for you? Your decision, but a quality cosmetology education will undoubtedly open the door to this rich selection of career paths.


Let’s make the deal even sweeter than a pint of Blue Bell ice cream: No matter where you decide to set up your salon chair (although Texas remains a primary choice due to demand), there are considerable career advantages to working in the beauty industry.

As a Texas beauty professional, we’ve already established you’ll have a steady demand for services. However, add to that the following perks: Ability to set your own schedule, manage your time as you see fit, and make money from both salary and gratuities. Hairstylists with a steadily built clientele can enjoy a healthy income, with top-ranging professionals earning quite competitive salaries. Not bad for a job in which you determine how your days will run.

Finally, according to US News, the job of hairstylist (which is achieved by a cosmetology degree and can branch into other areas of beauty professionalism such as skin and nail care) is one of the most personally satisfying careers as reported by those actually employed in it.


In other words, it’s not just a job—it’s a calling. And one that many find rewarding in its innate service aspects…plus a bit of magic in the mix. Change someone’s look, and you can change his or her life for the better!

Where Do I Begin The Journey?

So, you’ve decided you’re ready to become a Texas beauty professional. You’ve already decided on a quality education to start off your path; but you’d like to get some solid facts on where you’ll be traversing, and what you’ll be checking off on your list to career independence.


A good place to start is the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, which offers a full online section on cosmetology; along with a comprehensive FAQ section that will assist in informing you about everything from apprentice permits to what you can and can’t do (brew coffee? Perform eyelash extensions?) within your current educational level.

The Eyes Of Texas Are Upon You!


Ready to get started? Begin with setting up your education. Schools such as Ogle offer a variety of programs throughout the major Texas metropolitan areas, as well as industry-leading techniques, quality instructors, a variety of classes to fit your current schedule (both day and night available), financial aid for qualifying students—as well as career guidance and assistance once you’ve finished your training.





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