how charisma helps beauty careers

The Impact of Charisma on a Beauty Career

using charisma in cosmetology
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As you’re considering your future career in the beauty world, it’s important to think about the ways that seemingly unrelated elements of your life could have an impact on it. One of those elements is your personal charisma. Are you a naturally charismatic person? That may have a significant impact on your beauty career as a whole. Here are some of the ways in which a highly charismatic person can have a better beauty career.

1. Better Customer Relationships

As a cosmetologist, esthetician, nail tech or barber, you’re going to interact with a variety of people every day. You should work hard to make sure you’re creating a genuine relationship with them. Being able to have an impact on your customers means they’re more likely to enjoy your services and more likely to come back, both things that have a direct impact on your job abilities.

Natural charisma comes into play here, but if you’re not a naturally charismatic person, you can still work on bettering your customer relationships. Being able to talk with someone who’s sitting in your salon chair can be a skill you need to work on as much as it is an inborn ability. Enhancing your charisma is possible, even if you don’t feel naturally charismatic.

2. Better Relationships With Coworkers and Supervisors

Most people who work in the beauty industry have coworkers and supervisors. Even if you rent out space in a salon on your own, you’ll still be working around other people who are doing the same thing. Working alongside those people is an important part of your success.

There are naturally charismatic people who may be able to create better relationships with coworkers and supervisors, but don’t forget that intention comes into play here as well. Your coworkers and supervisors will always be able to tell when you’re really making an attempt at caring about their well-being, even if you’re not the most charismatic person.

3. More Upward Mobility

More than anything, charisma seriously impacts your ability to move up in the beauty world. Which type of person would be more likely to become more successful: a very charismatic and interesting person or a more reserved and uninteresting one? Charisma can have a significant impact on your ability to become more successful.

You may typically think of upward mobility in the context of a company, but the beauty world has plenty of upward mobility opportunities as well. For example, if you’re looking to become an owner or manager of a salon, you’ll typically need to do well as a worker first. Charisma is what makes existing owners consider you when there’s a higher spot open.

4. Easier Time in School

As you go through school, you’ll use charisma in a variety of situations. For example, if you’re doing a group project and you’re the person presenting the project, natural charisma can absolutely help you get a better grade. This can also be less obvious; charismatic people are more likely to attract other charismatic people, creating a group that’s most likely to succeed.

Anyone can get through cosmetology school if they try hard enough. However, a more charismatic person may not need to put in as much personal effort. Charisma is an extremely important part of success in school, whether it’s natural or it’s something you learn over your cosmetology education process.


how charisma helps beauty careers
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Your charisma (or lack thereof) has a significant impact on a beauty career. No matter what you’re interested in doing with your cosmetology education, being charismatic can certainly make it easier to go through your education and your future career. If you’ve decided cosmetology is the right place for you, it might be a good idea to request more information from an Ogle School team member so you can learn more about your cosmetology options.

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