The Perfect Hairstyles for Any Night Out

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The Perfect Hairstyles for Any Night Out

Plenty of work goes into any hairstyle you’re planning to use for a night out on the town. Whether you’re looking for a romantic style that works well for a date or you want something a little messier for a night at the club, there are plenty to choose from. Which hairstyles will work best for your night? Check out these hairstyles, arranged by the amount of knowledge you need to pull them off.

Beginner: Boho Braids

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Boho braids are simple, easy and beautiful. They pair well with simple, flowing clothing, especially if you tend to be a little more of a hippie. For a great look, pull the top half of your hair into a ponytail, leaving the rest to hang loose. Braid the ponytail loosely and secure it with a ponytail holder, leaving plenty of extra at the end. Then go back through and gently pull the braid to loosen it, giving it more volume and a slightly messy look.

Beginner: Side Barrette

Whether you want to add a little bit of a punk flair with the pseudo-undercut or you just want to show off some sparkly feminine barrettes, a side barrette look can give you a new style for the night. Pull all your hair to one side, making sure to comb it all the way around. Add barrettes on the opposite side of where your hair is now, making sure to put the barrettes pretty far back on your head. For even more style, curl the rest of your hair loosely.

Intermediate: French Braid

Although many people can do French braids with just a little bit of practice, they’re more difficult to pull off than a typical braid, requiring significantly more dexterity. Gather a bit of hair at the crown of your head. Start a braid, crossing the strands over each other only once or twice. Then, each time you cross a new strand over, gather a little bit more hair. Your braid will become bigger as you go down, eventually including all your hair. Once it’s all incorporated, finish the rest with a traditional braid.

Intermediate: Side Chignon

Intermediate hairstyles for nights out
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“Chignon” can sound like a scary and elegant hairstyle, but it’s just a French word meaning a bun at the nape of the neck. A side chignon is a great way to show off your slightly longer hair, but it can take more talent to pull off properly. Part your hair down the middle, using that middle part to loosely separate your hair into two pieces with your fingers. Pull your hair to the side and smooth it out. Knot the two pieces together like you would with a rope, then wrap your hair underneath the knot and bobby pin it in place. You’ve got a stylish bun that’s messy without looking out of place.

Expert: Braided Crown

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This style honestly relies more on being able to place bobby pins than on having lots of dexterity. Part your hair down the middle, using it to pull your hair into two sections. Starting at the nape of your neck, braid each section all the way down. Then pull one braid up and around the top of your head, bobby pinning the end wherever it falls. Wrap the other braid around the other side, laying it on top of the other braid’s end and tucking its end underneath the other braid. Add bobby pins as needed to make sure it stays put.

Expert: Upside-Down Dutch Braid Bun

Upside-down braids have become a huge hit recently because they look totally gravity-defying. Lean over, letting your hair hang over your head, and brush your hair up. You might find it’s easier if you do this over the arm of a couch, so you don’t have to stand up the whole time. Starting from the nape of your neck, create a Dutch braid, pulling the hair underneath itself rather than on top, like a reverse French braid. Once you’ve reached the crown of your head, stop and gather all your hair into a bun. It’s an intricate look that will turn heads.


It’s clear that no matter your talent level, you can create a going-out look that will truly stun your date. But even beginners deserve an absolutely gorgeous style for special occasions. When it comes to an occasion you can’t style on your own, look no further than an Ogle School salon, where you’ll get amazing style from top students.

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