Why Are Clinical Salons Such a Great Option?

Why Are Clinical Salons Such a Great Option?

Why clinical salons are great
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If you’ve ever looked into cosmetology school or you’ve tried to find low-cost salon services, you’ve probably run across the concept of a “clinical salon,” which some schools may call a “student salon” or “school salon.” These are salons that utilize cosmetology students as workers. This framework actually helps both the student and the client in a variety of ways. Here are the top five reasons clinical salons are amazing.

1. Clients Get Incredible Services at a Low Price

The thing that draws most clients in is that it’s a great way to get salon services at a very low price. Salons don’t just let day-one students into the salon. Students have to demonstrate that they know what they’re doing before the school will allow them to practice on the clients at the clinical salon. When a client visits a clinical salon, more often than not, they’ll get services that are on par with a professional salon of any other type.

2. Clients Can Tip Salon Students More Because the Services Are Less Expensive

Even in a clinical salon, it’s usually allowed and encouraged to tip the person who’s providing your salon services. This way, you can tip your salon student more than you would even tip someone at another salon, which can be great for both clients and students. Make sure you ask the salon beforehand to make sure it’s okay to tip the students; nothing is more awkward than the student having to graciously refuse a tip.

3. Cosmetology Students Get to Practice On Real People

Of course, when it comes to the students, most students know the benefits of clinical salons because it lets them practice on real people. A mannequin is a great option for learning the basics and understanding how to perform certain concepts and styles. However, nothing is a replacement for learning cosmetology concepts with real people, and that’s what a clinical salon allows you to do.

4. Cosmetology Students Get to Feel How a Real Salon Might Feel

Cosmetology schools run their clinical salons like real salons. The expectations in clinical salons are exactly the same as they might be in any other salon; you’re still supposed to follow all rules and regulations you learn in cosmetology school. When you work in a clinical salon, you’ll get to feel the stress of a real salon, but you’ll also get to feel how gratifying it is to give amazing experiences to clients every day.

5. Cosmetology Students Can Go Into the Job Market More Prepared

Once you’re done with cosmetology school, you’re going to need to go into the job market. Although the job market for cosmetology is definitely always growing, it’s important that you recognize the importance of expertise when you’re searching for a job in any market. Having the extra experience from a clinical salon will be a huge boost when you’re looking for your first cosmetology job in a salon.


Best advantages of clinical salons
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Clinical salons clearly hold a variety of benefits for both clients and cosmetology students. If you’re looking for a salon-level beauty procedure, whether it’s a skin care procedure or a hairstyling procedure, consider looking into an Ogle School beauty salon near you. If you want to be one of the students providing these styling and care procedures, talk to an Ogle School team member to learn more about your options for a cosmetology program.

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