Advantages of Cosmetology School Over a Traditional Degree

It is a common misconception that traditional college or university are the only respected institutions if higher education. Whilst higher education is becoming more of a requirement for successful employment in today’s competitive rat race, but you need to choose a degree course that meets your future career goals.


Traditional universities offer a wide range of useful and important degrees, but this doesn’t mean that they are more likely to result in employment. You have the same chance of meaningful employment in the job market with a shorter-term education programme, such as those offered in trade schools like Cosmetology School. In fact there are a number of advantages of Cosmetology Schools over traditional degrees, including:

Great Job Prospects

With the economy in a bit of a decline, there is a lack of exciting job prospects in many professions. However, the job market is actually improving in many areas of the beauty industry, meaning there is great potential for employment following your successful completion of Cosmetology School. Instead of spending many, many years studying, you can find yourself in employment in a fraction of the time. Generally speaking, cosmetology graduates find stable employment within 2 years. Furthermore, you don’t necessarily need to be employed by a salon, as long as you have your cosmetology licence, you can set up in business for yourself. There are many employment options open to you following Cosmetology School.


Great Opportunities

Throughout your course at Cosmetology School, you will have a number of amazing opportunities that you may not get at a traditional school. For example, you are likely to get the chance to attend competitions and workshops, where you can test and develop your skills. Furthermore, cosmetology students often get the opportunity to go on work placements, which greatly improves the chances of employment.

Cost Effective

When compared to traditional universities, Cosmetology School is a lot cheaper, plus there are plenty of scholarships, grants, and loans that can help cover the costs of nutrition. Get in contact with Ogle School, and find out the Financial Aid options that are available to you.

It Can Fit Around Your Life

Life can often seem like it gets in the way of study, but that is not always the case with Cosmetology School. There are a number of courses available in most beauty schools, some of which will fit in around working and/or family life. Furthermore, once you finish Cosmetology School, you can still fit in your work around your life. For example if you have children, you can schedule your appointments during school hours, so you don’t have to pay childcare costs too.


It’s Education with Expression

Cosmetology School is an education institution, where you get to express your creativity, whilst you train in your craft. Not many university courses give you this opportunity, and it is one that is so valuable. When training in a beauty school salon, you will get to work on a number of different canvases everyday —your clients!

So, if you are thinking of going to Cosmetology School, you can be assured that is offers just as many, if not more opportunities than a traditional degree. Have anymore questions about Cosmetology School? Contact Ogle School for answers to all your inquiries.

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Jeff Chiarelli
Jeff Chiarelli is the Head of Marketing for Ogle School. His responsibilities include leading Ogle School's marketing and branding strategy to amplify Ogle School's passion for helping create future beauty professionals in the communities Ogle School serves.