Busy Day? Try These Tips to Reduce Physical Signs of Fatigue

hiding fatigue with makeup techniques
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Anyone who’s ever had an early morning after a night of restless sleep knows that fatigue can easily show on your face. If you want to enjoy your day without having people constantly ask if you got enough sleep last night, use these tips to help re-energize your skin.

Use a Color-correcting Concealer

Color correction is a makeup trick that not a lot of people feel like they’ve fully mastered. At the end of the day, however, it’s all about color theory, and that makes it a lot easier!

  • If the long night irritated your skin, green concealer will help you cancel out that redness.
  • If you’re trying to hide slight dark circles, go for an orange concealer on darker skin or a pink concealer on lighter skin.
  • If you find that your dark circles are especially stubborn, try a yellow concealer, especially on lighter skin tones.
  • If your skin is starting to show yellow spots, use a purple concealer to brighten it up.

Find a Glowing Highlighter

There’s a reason people refer to energetic individuals as having a “youthful glow.” Highlighter can give your skin a bit of a lift, making it easier to hide the fact that you only got a few hours of sleep last night.

If you find that you’re combating fatigued skin frequently, you may want to invest in a highlighter specifically for busy days. Getting a highlighter that has more of a pop can keep you looking fresh on tired days, while not drawing too much attention on other days.

Address Under-eye Puffiness Directly

hiding fatigue with cold spoons
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People swear by a number of different ways to reduce under-eye puffiness. Many of those tricks involve putting something directly on those puffy spots!

  1. Brew two tea bags, or dip two cotton balls in coffee. Put them in the freezer for just a few minutes, or until they start to cool down, and then press them under your eyes. The caffeine will shrink the blood vessels, minimize dark circles, and reduce swelling.
  2. Fill up an ice cube tray, add a drop of lemon juice and olive oil to each cube, and then freeze. Run a cube of ice under your eyes and over the rest of your face. The cold reduces swelling, while the citric acid from the lemon juice tightens up the skin and the olive oil makes sure you’re not pulling out moisture.
  3. Place a few small spoons in the fridge. Once they’ve chilled a bit, take them out, and then rest them directly under your eyes, curved side down. The chill reduces puffiness and redness, and it’s easy to do whenever you need a pick-me-up.
  4. Take a sock and fill it with uncooked rice, dried peas, or a similar small, dried food. Place it in the freezer until chilled, and then place it over your face. It will conform perfectly, making sure that every inch of your face is treated.

Use White or Nude Eyeliner for Your Waterline

This one is a classic. After you’ve finished doing your makeup, run a white or nude-colored eyeliner over your waterline, making sure to get the inside corners. The light liner will make the whites of your eyes really pop, and that gives you a more alert look.

Try a Bold Lipstick

If all else fails, a bright lipstick color will draw attention away from your eyes. You can go for something as unique as a navy blue or bright yellow, or play it safe with a bold red or bubblegum pink.

You might find it useful to add this on top of the other tips, especially if you’re not completely confident in your makeup abilities. It’s just an extra little safety net.

Mastering the Routine

Once you have your early-morning makeup routine down, it’ll become second nature, and you’ll never have to deal with those dark circles again.

If you find that you love tackling all sorts of makeup issues, you might want to consider cosmetology. Not only can you improve your own day-to-day look, but you’ll also learn how to do it for others. Request information from the Ogle School cosmetology location in Houston to get started today.

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