What To Expect When Attending Beauty School

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What To Expect When Attending Beauty School

So you have finally taken the plunge, and decided to enrol yourself in beauty school. You have taken the first important step to getting that dream career, isn’t it exciting? There might be a few nervous vibes there too, as you are not really sure what to expect. It is a whole knew world, entirely different from conventional school or college, but it’s a great world full of creativity and opportunity.

Still, to put your mind at ease, and make you even more enthusiastic towards starting beauty school, we have put together a little guide. So, here is what you can expect, when you attend beauty school.


Types of Courses

Most beauty and cosmetology schools have a variety of courses and programs available. Each different program will give you different certifications and licenses. Typical programs include:

  • Cosmetology – A cosmetology program is a great choice as it can lead to a great variety of careers. With a cosmetology license you have so many options, including hairstylist, makeup artist, manicurist, Salon manager or owner, or even a magazine writer. A full-time program usually takes around 11 months to complete.
  • Esthetics – An esthetics program is not as extensive as a cosmetology course, usually not including hair styling and coloring in the curriculum. However, there is still a great scope for career developed, with students going on to become: makeup artists, skin care specialists, hair removal specialist, clinical esthetician, amongst other things. A full time program takes around 6 months.

Most beauty schools have part-time programs, too, for those that are working or studying elsewhere at the same time. If you are unsure of what program is right for you, get in touch with us here at Ogle School and we can help you make the right decision based on your passions and career goals.


Method of Learning

Although the curriculums may be slightly different between beauty schools, the methods of learning tend to be the same. There will be some classroom learning where you will be taught theory and technique. But, the majority of your learning will be hands on in a salon environment, treating real clients. Don’t worry, you tutors will be with you every step of the way and you will have usually have online access to course materials 24/7.


Expected Costs

The costs of registration and tuition will differ between cosmetology schools, as will what comes included in the price. For an example of the expected cost, here are the prices for the Cosmetology Course at Ogle School.

  • Registration: $75.00
  • Books, Equipment and Supplies: $2,570.00
  • Tuition: $16,350.00
  • Total: $18,995.00

You may have other expenses related to your course. An advisor can let you know what other expenses you may incur. Additionally, if you are worried about being able to afford the cost of beauty school, worry not. You could be eligible for financial aid, and there are grants and scholarships that you can apply for. Explore all your options for funding before going ahead.

It Will Be A Great Experience

Although you may have some difficult moments at beauty school, you won’t regret attending for a minute. You will learn all the skills for a successful career in cosmetology, but you will get so much more than that. You will have fun, find your creative side, and make friendships that will last a lifetime. If hair, beauty, nails, or all of the aforementioned, are your passion, then beauty school was definitely the right choice!

Make sure to take a tour of the campus you will be attending. Ask pertinent questions to give yourself a jump start into the thrilling beauty school life.

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