Ogle School offers eight locations in the state of Texas.

Keep These Questions in Mind During Your Beauty School Tour

Ogle School offers eight locations in the state of Texas.

Have you ever considered working in the beauty industry? A new year means new opportunity, professionally, personally, and academically. Now is the time to shelve those worries and pursue the career you’ve always wanted.

But, just like any other big life change, it’s important to thoroughly research alI of your options to make sure that you find the right fit for your needs and career goals.
The process can be long, but we have taken the time to pin down some of the questions that you’ll want to keep in mind as you search for the right program for you.

“Are you accredited?”
The answer to this question absolutely has to be yes.
Cosmetology school prepares you to take the state licensing exam, to obtain a license to legally practice as a cosmetologist (or esthetician, nail tech etc..). In order to prepare for this test you must complete a certain number of hours both in the classroom and practicing in the school’s salon.
Accreditation is one of the factors that impact a school’s ability to offer scholarships and financial aid to their students.

Accreditation at Ogle
Ogle is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) which is the accrediting body for many cosmetology schools in the US.

Learn more about our other affiliations and relevant student info on our Consumer Disclosure page.

“What about the cost?”
Websites are incredibly helpful, and these days all of the information you need (hopefully) is available on the internet.

However, it never hurts to speak with someone in-office about the total cost of attendance and your eligibility for financial aid and scholarships.

There may be opportunities that you didn’t realize you were eligible for or deadlines you didn’t realize were approaching.

Ogle Resources
At Ogle, we are dedicated to our students and their pursuit of success. Speak with a financial adviser at Ogle, or take a look at some Frequently Asked Questions to see if there is a solution for you.
We’re here to answer all of your questions, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for give us a call!

“What can you tell me about the curriculum?”
This seems like strange question, but really it’s kind of like saying “What kinds of classes will I take?” or “How many days a week are classes scheduled?”, and even “What topics will we cover, and will I get to practice on real people?”

Just be sure to ask or at least clarify because “curriculum” is a catch-all word to describe all of those things we just mentioned.

While the same standard practices are covered in most every program, the balance of classroom lecture and hands-on learning will vary.
Despite what you may have heard, every beauty school program is different, which is why doing research about student life is important.
Classes at Ogle
Ogle offers a unique learning experience for all of our students. Featuring the world-class Pivot Point International learning system and comprehensive salon practice, our students have the digital edge over other cosmetology graduates.
Pivot Point and it’s digital platform allow our students to utilize tablets in their everyday learning routines; as well as social-media modeled community to engage with for support and guidance.

“What About Student Support?”
Cosmetology school is not easy, it is rigorous and challenging but it is also rewarding and fun for those with a passion for the industry.
Just like any other educational institution, providing supplemental support and opportunities for students outside of the class should be a part of the school culture.
For instance Ogle offers not only educational support to students through guided and personal instruction; but also by way of our Graduate Job Center, learn more about Student Life here.
Not only does Ogle offer top-notch beauty technical education, but our outstanding business training curriculum prepares our graduates to be a master of both beauty and business.

We are here to help you succeed, check out our Student Services, which range from child-care assistance to transportation assistance.

Still have questions? Good, you should! Choosing a cosmetology school can be tricky, but knowing that you’ve made the right choice is worth the time.
At Ogle, we love talking to prospective students so call and schedule a tour or just have a chat with an admissions counselor.

Wanna know more about Cosmetology and Esthetics? Check out this article on what really makes them different, and schedule an appointment; classes begin January 25th so don’t wait!

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