What To Expect When Your Loved One Is In Beauty School

Whether it be your sister, brother, partner, or mother, having a loved one in beauty school is going to be an experience. They are going to taking on a lot of hard work, and they will need your support, and not just emotional support. Once your loved one has enrolled in beauty school, your life will change too, so we’re here to help you prepare for the transition too. Here are some things to expect when your loved one, starts their beauty school adventure:


Endless Makeovers

You will be lucky if a day goes by, where you aren’t asked (or begged) to be a volunteer for a makeover. They need someone to perfect their cat’s eyeliner flick on, or some eyebrows to groom, or lips to make appear plumper. The day they learn a new makeup technique is a day you will be experiencing it. You will soon realize it is easier to just to agree to be the guinea pig —you will make your beloved beauty student happy, and you might a great new look out of it. Just make sure they have some aloe vera gel on hand, if they want to practice their eyebrow threading technique on you.

Your Hair Won’t Be Your Own

Hairdressing is a hard skill to learn, and although a beauty school student gets to work on their techniques on real clients in a salon, they will want to practice outside of school. There is only so much they can do on their mannequin head, and that is where you come in. You will have more hairstyles in the course of a few months, than you will have had your whole life. You may get tired of being brushed combed and preened, but if you need a beautiful hairdo for a special occasion, you will definitely get one.


Oh, The Waxing

If the cosmetology student you love is about to learn how to do waxing, you might want to find somewhere to hide…and fast. If you have never been waxed before in any area, the first time that stip is ripped away feels like you skin may have went with it. The discomfort is surprising that first time, but you do become somewhat desensitised to it. Good thing too, as you’re sure to be waxed, waxed again, and then waxed some more. You’ll be smoother than an Olympic swimmer, but at least you will owed quite a few favors for your sacrifice.

Relentless Beauty Talk

You may not love beauty as much as your friend, lover, or family member that is currently in

cosmetology school, but you sure are going to hear about it a lot. You will learn things about hair, beauty and skincare that you never had a desire to know. Every conversation you have will somehow find its way back to beauty. You could be having an in depth conversation about global warming, and suddenly be talking the pros of eyelash extensions. It may not be your favorite thing to talk about, but it will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling, to see how their eyes sparkle when they talk anything beauty. The passion they have and get to indulge, will make it all worth it.

But Above All…

You are doing a great thing for someone that you love, supporting them on journey that will help them achieve their dreams, It will be a really rewarding experience and you will feel so proud once they pass their exams and get their cosmetology license. For all your support, you will be rewarded —your skin will never have looked or felt better, your hair will be permanently glossy and healthy, your eyebrows will be groomed to perfection, and if you ever need beauty tips, you have the best resource.


If there is someone special in your life that has an obsession in all thing beauty, and a dog that it tired of having their nails painted, then why not let your loved one know about Ogle School. We have locations throughout Texas, one of the top states for cosmetology and beauty brands. Since 1973, we have been preparing our cosmetology and esthetics students for their dream careers in the beauty industry.

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