How beauty schools differ

How Do Beauty Institutes Differ?

main differences in beauty schools
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Choosing the right beauty school is crucial when it comes to getting a great education. There are many different beauty schools out there, and it can feel overwhelming if you’re trying to figure out which is right for you. There are a number of ways beauty schools can have differences, and it’s up to you to find a beauty school that matches what you need. Here are just a few of the differences you might see between beauty schools.

Length of Training

Different schools may have a different length for their cosmetology or esthetics training. Most states set a required amount of hours they need individuals to attend in training before they can take their licensing exams, but different schools might decide to adhere to these hours or extend the training slightly to add more information to the program.

Types of Training

What will you learn in your beauty school program? It all depends on what beauty school and beauty program you attend. Most cosmetology and esthetics training courses have the same basic training, but different schools will add and remove certain things that the state might not require to become a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician.

Requirements for Graduation

There are different requirements you might have to meet to graduate from different beauty school programs. It’s a good idea to make sure you know these requirements first and foremost before you ever start your training. What grades do you need to maintain? Do you have to attend any extracurricular activities? How many hours of hands-on training do you need?

Teaching Styles

Quite simply, different beauty schools will utilize different teaching styles. These teaching styles may work very well for some students and very poorly for others. It’s a good idea to look around and get more information on which teaching styles different beauty schools use so you can make sure you’re getting the right teaching style for your individualized needs.


Sure, this shouldn’t be the most important thing on your list, but it might be a good idea to get price quotes from a number of different beauty schools you’re interested in. Prices can vary dramatically between beauty schools. As long as everything else is in order, price should be one of the things you consider, even if it isn’t the very first thing to think about.

Connections and Real-World Usefulness

You want a beauty school that will offer you connections and make it easier for you to use your training in the real world. Ideally, you should be able to find a beauty school that will give you access to the connections you’re seeking once you’ve graduated. Talk to the beauty school in question and ask what they do to help set you up for success after you’re done with the program.


How beauty schools differ

As you can see, different beauty schools may have different options and opportunities for people who need them. That means there might not be one best beauty school out there, just the best beauty school for different people. Ogle School is a great option for many aspiring cosmetologists, hairstylists and other people interested in beauty careers. You can request more information from Ogle School today to learn more.

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