Male Makeup in the Beauty Industry

Male makeup has become more mainstream and widely accepted in recent years with the rise of many successful male beauty gurus on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. With just one flawless makeup selfie, a beauty enthusiast could be turned into a guru. Some of the biggest international beauty brands are beginning to follow suit by collaborating with, and embracing, men in the industry whether it’s a professional cosmetologist or YouTube sensation.

This month, we are highlighting a talented Ogle School cosmetology student, Jordan Dial, from the North Dallas location.


We interviewed Jordan to learn more about his journey as a man with a love for makeup as a cosmetologist and personally.

Read an excerpt from our interview:

OS: Were you always interested in makeup? What are your earliest memories of makeup?

JD: I guess technically I was always interested in makeup. My mom was a single mom, so I grew up watching her put on makeup…and then I’ve always hung around girls, so they were putting on makeup. But I was always kind of scared to at first. Then one day I started playing with it myself and it went on from there.

OS: What does makeup and beauty mean to you?

JD: Makeup is a great tool to bring out your inner beauty I guess I like to say.You don’t do makeup for anybody but yourself, so when it comes to makeup I just see it as a form of artistic expression and that’s beautiful in my eyes. You can throw on some makeup and however you feel, that’s how you feel…and you go with that. You run with it.

OS: Why did you choose to be a cosmetologist?

JD: I decided to become a cosmetologist because I love bringing that inner beauty out in people sometimes when they can’t do it themselves. And it’s just that feeling when I’m done with the client that their faces brighten up and they’re just so happy inside and out. That’s something that keeps me going.

OS: We recently saw our very first male COVERGIRL, James Charles. Many makeup brands have also collaborated with the top male beauty YouTube “gurus” over the last few years. Do you think other brands will follow suit?

JD: Yes, definitely. Male makeup is becoming such an accepting thing in our culture these days, so I feel like a lot of other companies are going to take that [and become more involved]. Being a male makeup artist, you’re kind of putting yourself out there and, like, now it’s becoming such an accepting thing to where more people are not afraid to show their abilities. And where people are getting picked up by different companies just because…well, it doesn’t matter that they’re male. Their talent is there.

OS: Clearly!

JD: So I feel like a bunch of companies are going to be working with male makeup artists and hopefully there will be other COVERBOYs.

OS: How do you feel that Ogle School has helped you advance or support your career in makeup and beauty as a male cosmetologist?

JD: Before I came here, I was kind of afraid I would say…to try new things with makeup just because of the responses I was getting before I came here. And then once I started coming here and doing simple makeup, they’d be like, “I like your makeup” without even asking “hey, are you wearing makeup?” — no questions asked. So I was just like, “okay” and I started playing with it more, they were like, “oh my gosh! Your makeup is poppin’!” The confidence grew from there and the environment was really good.

OS: So Ogle School really served as your support system.

JD: Yeah, for sure!

During our interview with Jordan, he gave us the details on some of his favorite male beauty gurus, go-to makeup looks, and must-have products. We even played a game of Would You Rather: Beauty Edition before he created a clean makeup look on his model. Who knew how tough it would be to choose just one product to keep you on point while you’re stranded on an island!


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