Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Cosmetology School

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Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Cosmetology School

Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Cosmetology School

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Cosmetology school is a big time and money commitment. Even if you’re able to utilize financial aid and scholarship services, you’re still committing yourself to many months of study and investment. That means you need to know it’s a good idea to go to cosmetology school instead of some other type of school. If you’re thinking about attending cosmetology school, there are questions you might want to ask yourself first.

1. Are You Able to Work Well With Clients?

The first question to ask yourself is, are you able to work well with clients? Think about it: Can you communicate well with the people you’ll be working on? This may require knowing how to ask questions to learn more about what a client actually wants, being able to carry a conversation with a client, and understanding what a client’s asking for when they say certain things. This is a genuine skill, and it’s not one everyone has.

2. Can You Work Well With a Team?

Next, ask yourself whether you’ll be able to work well with a team of other cosmetologists. It’s relatively common to have to work with other people in cosmetology. Whether this is an official team, like for a competition, or it’s an unofficial team, like one made up of you and all the other people working in the salon, it’s important to know you’re able to work well with the other people around you.

3. How Dexterous Are You?

You might not think to consider your dexterity, but this is actually an important question to ask. Any facet of cosmetology, whether you’re doing coloring, haircutting, nail art, manicures, makeup, SFX work or anything else, requires a pretty significant amount of dexterity. You need to know that your fingers will do what you tell them to do, even if you’ve been using them effectively nonstop for hours.

4. Can You Stand for Long Periods of Time?

Another important point to know is that you should be able to stand for long periods of time. This can be very difficult for some people who aren’t used to jobs or other responsibilities that require standing for a long time. If you’re really not sure whether you’ll be able to hand the physical responsibilities of standing for long periods of time, consider doing a “mock cosmetology day” on your own with your friends or family.

5. Do You Know What You Want to Do Afterward?

Many people go into college without really thinking about what they’re going to do after they complete the program. This is definitely a mistake. It’s important to think very hard about whatever you’re going to do once you’re done with college because college should ideally set you up for success. Think about the specialty you’re interested in after cosmetology school before you go.

6. Is Cosmetology a Love of Yours?

Not enough people consider their actual love of cosmetology when considering cosmetology school. Remember, you’re going to be dedicating many hours of every day to learning about cosmetology in cosmetology school. At the very least, you should love the art of cosmetology if you’re planning to dedicate a huge portion of your life to it. If you’re not certain about your love for cosmetology, consider talking to cosmetologists in your area before enrolling in cosmetology school.


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Cosmetology school is a big time and energy commitment, and it’s important that you know how much you care about cosmetology before you invest that time and energy into cosmetology school. However, if you’ve asked yourself all these questions and you know that cosmetology school is the right choice for you, there are many ways for you to succeed in cosmetology. Talk to a team member at Ogle School so you can learn more about your cosmetology options.

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