Summer Bronze Beauty!

Posted on - Wednesday June 5, 2013

Get that perfect summer glow without spending hours in the sun!

summer-bronze-postTake care of your skin this summer and avoid the effects of UV rays! By applying the right bronzer, your skin can have a natural summer glow, without sun exposure.

Follow our three quick tips to create a tan that looks natural, not muddy!
Tip 1: Pick the right shade. A bronzer that is too dark or glittery will look fake. Choose a shade that is closer to your natural skin tone for a realistic glow.

Tip 2: Less is more! Before applying bronzer, tap the excess powder off the brush. Apply to the perimeter of your face to create a slimming effect. Avoid the bridge of your nose to keep under-eye circles at bay.

Tip 3: Think polished. Polish off that new glow by using your brush to buff out streaks and even out the color. Avoid the urge to apply more bronzer than you need!

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Jeff Chiarelli

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