using people skills in cosmetology

How Are People Skills Important in Cosmetology?

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As you start to learn more about the ways in which you can prepare yourself for a cosmetology career, you may want to think about the tertiary skills you’ll want to develop as well. One of those skills is the ability to connect well with other people. People skills are an incredibly important set of skills you should develop if you want to be better at cosmetology. Here are just a few of the situations you may use your people skills in.

1. Customers Sitting in Your Salon

When you’re working in a salon, you need to make sure you’re able to communicate with the customers who come in to receive services. They’re typically going to see you for half an hour or more, sometimes up to a few hours, which means you need to be a welcoming presence.

In this situation, people skills will absolutely help you. That’s especially true if you want to eventually become a freelance cosmetologist. Building a high-quality reputation in the community will allow you to have a customer base as a freelancer.

2. Recruiters During an Employment Interview

When you’re trying to get a job in a salon, it’s important that you’re able to relate to the recruiter. Although the recruiter is looking for your technical abilities like your history and education, they’re also looking to see how well you relate to other people.

When you’re able to relate to those around you, it’s easier to get things you’re interested in. One of those things is a great job. High-quality people skills can absolutely help you get a job more easily, no matter your ideal job.

3. Supervisors When You’re Working in a Salon

As you work in a salon, you’ll have a variety of supervisors. These supervisors may even change throughout your time at a specific salon. Your people skills will definitely have a bearing on how well you get along with your supervisors.

You don’t necessarily need to be friends with your supervisors; it can be enough to just be friendly. Remember, you’re building relationships throughout your time at any salon. Building a friendly relationship with the supervisors in your salon is an important part of the process.

4. Other Salon Workers Who Are Part of Your Team

In a salon, you’re part of a team. There’s no way around it — you’re working with a variety of other cosmetology experts to help people with their skin and hair care needs. If you’re not able to work well in a team, you definitely won’t be able to work well in a salon.

People skills will definitely come into play when you’re working in a salon. Remember that being able to work with a variety of different people is extremely important. There may be many personality types in your salon, and having great people skills means you’ll be able to handle all of those personality types.

5. Teachers and Students in Your Cosmetology Classes

When you’re learning about cosmetology in a cosmetology course, you’re going to need to talk to teachers and students alike on a daily basis. It’s important that you have the people skills necessary to get along with those around you.

Different cosmetology classes have different mixes of people; you never know who you’re going to be in close contact with. That’s why students with great people skills will typically be able to handle cosmetology school easier than students without those people skills. Being able to adapt to your classmates is a great skill.


using people skills in cosmetology

As you can see, people skills are extremely useful in all areas of cosmetology. From the first moments you begin to learn about cosmetology skills to the work you’ll be doing every day as a cosmetologist, you’ll be using your people skills, and it’s important to work on them now.

If you’ve decided that cosmetology is the perfect place for your people skills to shine, you’ll want to start at a high-quality cosmetology school. Request more information from a team member at Ogle School to learn more about your cosmetology opportunities.

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