Marilyn Monroe Glamour Curls Vintage Hair Tutorial

Marilyn Monroe is my favorite vintage icon, especially because of her hair. She always had fabulousus, very unique, hair. People tend to assume that her look can only be achieved if your hair is her length and color. However, I don’t believe that at all. Anyone can have an iconic, glamorous vintage hair style.

My name is Destinee Cushing with Destined To Be Vintage. In this tutorial, I show you how to get Marilyn’s look for yourself.


    1” curling iron
    Smoothing brush
    Rat tail comb
    Round brush
    Hair spray
    Hair wax
    Hair clips
    Big hair clip
    Paddle brush
    Bobby pins

Optional Supplies:

    Heat protectant spray
    Hair flower


Setting Curls

1)    Brush out hair and apply heat protectant if you have it.

2)    Take a 1” section from top of hair, bang area, and curl under with the curling iron.

3)    Roll up curl and pin to head with hair clip.

4)    Continue to curl and pin. Work from the top of the head down. Make the sections toward the back of the head larger and the sections around the face tighter for a true vintage look.

Styling Curls

1)    Leave all curls pinned up until they have completely cooled down.

2)    Take the pins out and let the curls fall, unmanipulated.

3)    Dampen hands and carefully rake your fingers through your curls to make the sections less obvious and separate the curls.

4)    Take front bang section and brush hair together with paddle brush to form one curl. Making silly faces is highly recommended; increases concentration.

5)    Tease back of hair section for more volume.

6)    Spray bang section with hairspray.

7)    Smooth section into a bang swoop with smoothing brush.

8)    Manipulate into bang swoop and pin in at least one hidden spot to fasten the curl to your head so it doesn’t fall in your face.

9)   Take round or paddle brush and smooth curls under. Lightly brush and smooth them together to limit the poodle effect of the curls and give them the more iconic glamour look. Don’t brush out the curls around the face too much.

Finishing Touches

1)    The look can be complete at this point. If you’re finished, spray your whole head with hairspray. I like to add one final touch, a hair accessory.

2)    Take your comb and smooth back the hair on the opposite side of your bang swoop.

3)    Twist hair and pin with crossed bobby pins, so the hair is secure.

4)    Add whatever hair accessory you’d like, covering the bobby pins.

5)    Fix hair again so the curls look smooth and polished.

6)    Give your hair an overall spray with hairspray.


Finally, add winged eyes and red lips and bask in your vintage glamour!

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About the Author

Destinee Cushing
Destinee Cushing is a swing dancer who developed a passion for vintage hair. She specializes in styles from the 1920's - 1960's and loves teaching others how to achieve their own vintage looks.