Yes, You Can Hide a Hangover with Makeup. Here’s How!

Especially during the holiday season, the combination of good times and good cocktails could leave you looking rough when your alarm goes off in the morning.

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While a skin regimen to fight the holiday havoc can help you be more resilient to the aftereffects of alcohol, we wanted to share the best beauty tricks for hiding your hangover.

When you use these hangover hacks, you’ll be able to look good in holiday photos, fool your family into thinking that you didn’t actually have a late night, or make your friends jealous that you look so great while they feel awful.

While we wait for a hangover removal Snapchat filter, here are the seven steps to hiding your hangover with makeup.

Wash with Warm Water, Then a Splash of Cold

Remove your morning funk and start your day with a freshly washed face. Use warm water as a mild facial cleanser.

Then, splash your face with some cold water. It’ll be invigorating, and the cold temperature will tighten up your pores and reduce some puffiness.

Those who are ready to take drastic measures can fill up the sink with cold water and ice cubes. Then, plunge your face into the cold water. The icy temps aren’t for the faint of heart, but Kate Hudson says she sees a notable difference in her skin.

Kitchen Hacks for Reducing Puffiness

Kitchen ingredients are surprisingly effective at correcting complexion problems.

A few minutes with sliced cucumbers on your eyes is an age-old way to reduce eye puffiness. “The coolness of cucumber slices acts as a vasoconstrictor, slowing blood flow,” esthetician Erin Larson told Allure magazine. Dermatologist Howard Murad adds that the vitamin K in cucumbers can combat under-eye darkness.

Green tea can help, too. Using brewed tea bags that have cooled, place them on your eyelids for a short time. The combination of tannins and caffeine can tighten skin, reduce puffiness, and work on dark circles.

Hydrate and Moisturize

Alcohol is dehydrating. To hide your hangover, you should combine internal and external techniques such as an effective facial moisturizer and an electrolyte-rich beverage. Although the coffee may be what you’re craving, you’ll look better if you opt for drinking a sports drink, coconut water, or some fruit juice.

For your moisturizer, choosing a tinted product to help you even out your skin tone, reduce dullness, and rejuvenate your complexion.

Concealer, But No Foundation

When you’re dehydrated, a layer of foundation can emphasize that your skin is dry and dull. Instead, work strategically on your facial complexion to conceal, color correct, and renew.

Start with your usual skin-toned concealer routine. Then, work on your trouble zones with a color-correcting concealer. Within these palettes, use yellow shades for dark eye circles, greens to reduce redness, and lilacs to correct yellow skin tone. Apply the color corrections thinly, and blend well.

Then, use a BB cream (beauty or blemish balm) to give your skin lightweight coverage with skin-boosting add-ins and protective SPF.

Contours and Highlights

Never underestimate the power of cheekbones. If your hangover has you feeling less than glamorous, you can instantly create cheekbones with a classic contouring technique.

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Create a high cheek bones look by adding bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks, emphasizing an angular sweep. Blend this out, and then add a highlighter along the tops of your cheek bones, following the same diagonal line.

Keep Eyes Bright

Heavy eye makeup such as a smokey eye is a bad choice when you have a hangover. The darkness will counteract all of the lightening and brightening you did earlier.

Instead, go for a “no-makeup” makeup look that’s understated and minimal. This means using a soft creamy eyeshadow in a tone that’s neutral and dimensional.

Apply lash-thickening mascara to create a nice dark fringe on your upper eyelid, and skip the lower lashes.

Rosy Finish

A splash of pink will help you look more vibrant and alert, thus hiding the true state of your hangover. Apply a rosy blush to the apples of your cheeks, and dust your T-zone.

A mauve-tinted lipstick can be a good choice for striking the balance of a brightly colored lip without the washout that can happen to your complexion if your color is too bold. Mauve lipstick shades are on-trend in NY and LA because they’re such a wearable color that suits many skin tones and looks good in a gloss or matte.

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