7 Prom Styles for Any Hair Type

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7 Prom Styles for Any Hair Type

Best prom hairstyles to try
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Prom is definitely one of the fanciest nights of your school life. People often stress and obsess over their perfect prom hairstyle, but you don’t have to worry about which style will work best for you. Whether your hair is short or long, straight or curly, these quick how-tos will make your prom hairstyle pop.

1. Long Hair: Modern French Twist

Modern French Twist

What’s better than a modern twist on an old-school classic? The Modern French Twist is elegant, iconic and cutting-edge, and it’s actually surprisingly simple. Prep your hair with texturizing spray so it maintains volume. Pull the hair back as though gathering it for a mid-height ponytail, then curl it in on itself from the end, rolling it into a barrel shape pressed against your head. Gently loosen it up for more volume, then bobby pin it in place.

2. Medium Hair: Twist Back

Medium hair twist back

If your hair’s currently at a medium length, try a side part with a bit of a twist — literally. The Homecoming Queen look starts with a side part on the opposite side than the one you want to emphasize. Grab the front section of your hair across your forehead, then start twisting it away from your face. Once you’ve twisted around two to three inches, pin the twisted section back with bobby pins or a barrette to draw even more attention.

3. Long-to-Short Hair: Wet Hair
wet hair look

This Wet Hair look isn’t actually wet, and that’s part of the charm. It’s showing up more and more frequently on the red carpet, with celebrities like Kim Kardashian rocking it regularly. Rather than starting with damp hair, start with fully dry hair, teasing it up and back to gain the volume you’re looking for. Then, take out your hairspray and start going over your style layer by layer. Use enough spray to get the sleek wet look.

4. Short Hair: Long and Straight With Hair Extensions

hair extensions tutorial

Whether you currently have short hair or long hair, there’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of bulk. With this Hair Extensions Style, you’ll get a no-commitment style change for your big night. Pin up all your hair except a thin layer at the bottom, then backcomb at the scalp for texture. Clip in your extensions, straighten them, then let down a layer of your natural hair. Repeat until all your hair is straightened.

5. Curly Hair: Pineapple Style With Scarf

 hair extensions tutorial

For many people with naturally curly hair, frizz is the biggest enemy. A great way to avoid frizz with curls is to use this Pineapple Style. Two-strand twist your hair the night before you want to style your hair. In the morning, coat your fingers lightly with a styling oil and untwist your strands. Use holding gel to keep your hair slicked back around your face, then apply a fashionable scarf, tying the scarf above your forehead and fanning it out in the back.

6. Wavy Hair: Boho Waves

hair extensions tutorial

The key to these Boho Waves is to make sure they don’t look too polished. Curl each section of your hair with a curling iron, making sure to leave the curls fairly loose. Once you’ve curled it all, run through it with your hair or a wide-toothed comb until they’re as messy as you want them. Finish with a strong-hold hairspray to keep that look all night.

7. Straight Hair: Braided Crown

A Braided Crown works perfectly if you want an elegant look that will stay up all night. It’s also surprisingly easy and lends itself perfectly to decoration. Separate your hair down the middle, then braid each section at the base of your neck. Flip one braid up and over the top of your head, pinning down the very end. Flip the other braid up, making sure to cover the end of the first braid. Pin it underneath the first braid. Decorate with flowers, bows and anything else that fits your outfit theme.


Prom hairstyles for unique hair
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If you’re looking for a fancy hairstyle for your prom night, there’s no need to go hunting all across the internet for one. These incredible styles will work perfectly for your hair, no matter what type of hair you have or what your outfit looks like. If you want an even more professional touch, you can always find an Ogle School salon near you to get the perfect professional style from students in a supervised environment. Get styling, and don’t be afraid to rock the look you’ve had your eye on all year long.

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