Lazy Girl Hair Hacks for Special Occasions

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Snapchat Filter Makeup Tutorials

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Election Hair How-To

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Rockstar Hairstyles Through the Decades

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Wicked Style: The Fashion of Super Villains

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The History of Beauty

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The Revolutionary Hairstyles of Prince

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Care for Your Cosmetics

Did you know that keeping your makeup around for too long is not only damaging to your skin, but to other parts of your body as well? In extreme cases, old cosmetics, which can be breeding grounds for bacteria, can cause respiratory cases or even meningitis. Yikes! But don’t stress: thankfully, these ailments are completely …

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Iconic Wrestler Hairstyles

Do you recognize these iconic wrestlers based on their outrageous hairstyles alone? Test yourself to find out if you’re a wrestling history champ or a chump by using the sliding bar below. View the full image Simply copy and paste the code below and you can share this infographic on your site: <a href=””><img alt=”Iconic …

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Presidential Candidate Hair How-To_HG

Presidential Candidate Hairdo How-To

If there’s one thing that’s as important as a candidate’s stance on the big topics, it’s his or her haircut. Studies have long shown that people vote as much with their eyes as they do their mind, and a properly tamed mane can go a long way at the ballot box. So with that in …

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