The 7 Wedding Day Deadly Sins

Posted on - Tuesday August 5, 2014

Missing beauty sleep Lack of rest can lead to puffy eyes and dark circles. Say “yes to the dress” early instead of lying awake at night fretting over your choice. …

Texas: The Cosmetology State

Posted on - Friday July 4, 2014

Let’s face it: Texas is a state that has many “Texas-sized” conceptions attached to it; one of the more popular ones being that it is the land of big hair, …

Financing A Beautiful Career

Posted on - Thursday July 3, 2014

So, you’ve decided the world of beauty is where you want to be! Whether you are 18 or 48, just starting your life path or longing for a career change …

esthetician skincare

11 Signs You May Be A Future Esthetician

Posted on - Wednesday April 30, 2014

The title of “esthetician” has a very clinical—and somewhat grave—sound to it, but in reality, it’s one of the most hands-on, caring fields in the beauty industry. Students of esthetics …

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15 Signs You May Be A Future Haircolorist

Posted on - Thursday April 24, 2014

Sure, you’re interested in hairstyling as a career. But did you ever consider possibly specializing in hair color? Dedicated professional colorists are fast becoming one of the most sought-after features …

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13 Signs That You Are a Future Makeup Artist

Posted on - Tuesday April 15, 2014

Sure, you are interested in beauty—or else you wouldn’t be reading this, right? However, the career of makeup artist is a calling that appeals specifically to a certain type of …

Beauty Career Profile: Makeup Artist

Posted on - Wednesday January 8, 2014

Enhancing the Natural Beauty of the Face Career Profile as a Makeup Artist A makeup artist uses the face as a canvas to create a particular look using cosmetics, enhancing …